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  1. JDFriend

    PRM sweeps municipal elections

    Not sure about Abel for 2028. I think that PLD has him there this time - on a temp basis - because they have someone else getting ready for 2028.
  2. JDFriend

    New Self check in machines SDQ

    I do too. Been with AA for years.
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    I prefer Leyenda. Very smooth. Sipping... of course.
  4. JDFriend

    Wishing Alter Ego Well

    Speedy recovery. All the best to you AE.
  5. JDFriend

    Career in Medicine

    FYI my personal experience: I was looking for an ortho surgeon a couple years ago. Was referred to one in Santo Domingo, with more than 20 years experience. My first requirement was: had to have been trained in the US or Canada. I had an appointment, spent more than one hour answering all...
  6. JDFriend

    Need recommendaton for buying second car

    Agreed, call Mike, he's the best. He helped us find a Ford Edge few years ago. Low mileage, great SUV. It's a mid-size and we still have it and of course we take good care of it. Mike will find something good for you, I'm sure.
  7. JDFriend

    Whats App connexion to sim card

    Thank you everyone for your input. I have backed up by chat history, then I will do the 'change number' feature, as recommended. Thanks.
  8. JDFriend

    Whats App connexion to sim card

    Question: I downloaded the Whatsapp application on my phone associated to my #2 SIM card. Now that SIM card has to be taken out of my phone because that old phone number is no longer active/available (it's been inactive for the last 2 years). If I put in a NEW SIM card #2, with a NEW phone...
  9. JDFriend

    The saga of sensational rookie Elly De la Cruz continues

    Speed you say !! He's the fast tigre of the barrio. :)
  10. JDFriend

    Canada seeks base for office to coordinate initiatives to strengthen Haitian police; DR rejects hosting the office

    Canada has been under pressure by the USA to take the lead to solve the 'Haitian problem'. The Canadian government refuses to go into Haiti or send anyone into Haiti, anything that would resembles an invasion is out-of-the-question. Months have gone by and very little has been done. Why did...
  11. JDFriend

    What % is the seller factoring into his listing price ??

    I agree: 20-25% would be a good start point. As you know all depends on location and how many interesting buyers there are. It seems normal to see long listings full of houses and condos on sale. I would be curious to find out how many get sold and at what price.
  12. JDFriend

    Venezuelans Living in The DR Wanting to Migrate to Canada

    Yes there is a backlog and yes the person has to learn English or French. The government has what they call 'Express Entry'. Might be worth having a look. All I know is that many companies are looking to hire and having a lot of trouble finding candidates...
  13. JDFriend

    Trial for Murder of Lindsay de Feliz

    Agree. No influence nor money.. that's very true. Even when he was in city politics, he had people providing the $ but he never won because he never was "part of the boys" and his political party was not there for him. During political campains, he was totally into it.. he loved giving speeches...
  14. JDFriend

    Dominican Citizenship

    I agree that a lawyer is recommended for naturalización. They know the requirements and will take you every step of the way and answer your questions. You'll know what to expect. I did not get the Dominican passport. When I leave at AILA I use my canadian passport and my cedula. Yes I have to...
  15. JDFriend

    Restoration Work in San Pedro de Macoris

    Article from ayuntamiento de SPM 2020.
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    Exchanged short msgs with him this morning. Seem in good spirit. Get well soon Mike. Wishing you quick recovery.
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    Is there any way to get in touch with him? Did you try calling him or the hospital? Mike is a very good guy. Hope he gets well soon. Please keep us uptodate.
  18. JDFriend

    Remember when you didn't live in the DR?

    We live in Juan Dolio full time. Retired and enjoying every day.. with zero stress and relaxing life. We worked hard for many years in Canada, now we visit once a year, to see family and friends. I like very much having my breakfast on the patio, listening to the birds singing every morning...