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    Migracion has Some New Posts

    Migration screwed up my log in name ! You can not communicate with them to tell them that. So i cant renue my residency [after more than 20 years as resident] so i just pay overstay fees when leaving ! Then i get shit at migration when return they say pay up renue i tell i can not because you...
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    Steakhouse in Santo Domingo

    Has anyone found tried the Black Angus steak house in the back of the market on sea side just before Metaldome. I was there years ago but remember the steak was just like state side.
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    looking for a woman dentist Maria Hernandez. She used to be in the Colonial Zone [ I think on Noel and Duarte] Anyone who knows her location please let me know.
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    Reishi This is a mushroom that cures many illness and boost the immune system. I am looking for a supplier here as it is rumored to be available here. In some places it is called the EAR mushroom as it is shaped like an ear. I tried Gano excel as they are found on the internet with no avail...
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    Dominican Today

    I daily read both dr1 and Dominican today. Mostly just for fun but news is nice. Dominican Today HAS just Taken new stupid policy. You now have to submit your user name and pass word in order to enter their site. I have forgotten my pass word as i entered Dominican Today when it first started...
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    Medicare lately some company has been advertizing that medicare is available here in the D.R. Is this true or is another scam. Its in the news papers. Does anyone know any thing about this?
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    Coco nut shell [Hickera]

    I am trying to locate a seller of coco Nut Shell [The brown inside shell with out the meat] Any help?
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    Residencia expired

    My Residencia expired on 26/10/2007 Can anyone give me an idea [correct one] as to how much i must pay? Also can i re-new or am i to have to start over