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    Looking for Quality deck/patio furniture

    Great Intel, thanks.
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    Looking for Quality deck/patio furniture

    I wanted to ask about a good place to look for some nice quality weather resistant furniture a couple chairs and a couch, table, they will go on a second floor deck with access from an indoor stairwell. I'm in Sosua and have looked at all of the usual places. Just looking for tips. Thanks in...
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    US to DR, carrying more than 10,000 us dollars

    Have a CC with what ever limit you need, I use a miles card and a cash back card, one has 50k the other is 40k. Most appliance stores take credit cards. I agree with the above posts do not do more than 10k cash you do not want to have to declare it. You can also deposit money in your US checking...
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    Looking for an AV person for my theater

    I have an epson ultra HD projector I can get the model when i get to the house, amd a 10 or 12 ft screen I'll measure it.
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    Looking for an AV person for my theater

    Yes, with 9 seats
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    Looking for an AV person for my theater

    Near garden condos, and I have a theater in my house, I have a brand new projector and the box for every channel, but I also have operator ignorance.
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    Looking for an AV person for my theater

    I have a theater, and a new projector I'm looking for someone who can help me get it running and keep it running. shoot me a message, and I'll send my number. Thanks.
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    Looking for a roofer for a caña roof

    I have a thatched roof over my deck and i need it repaired or replaced, this one lasted less than 2 years, my average has been 5. I need to find d a compentant roofer or change to an easier to install roof that will last. Thanks. Bob
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    Looking for a Japanese pasola

    I'll check it out, thank you
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    Looking for a Japanese pasola

    I would like to find a new or used Japanese pasola 150/175cc's (flat foot board) the most I have found are Honda 110cc and Suzuki 125cc, I've had several Chinese scooters and I end up working on them all the time. Maybe I'm wishing but no harm in asking. Thanks.
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    Are air guns legal in DR...

    I think I understand all of the requirements and laws involving standard firearms, but what I would like to know are the laws and requirements if any for air guns, importation, ownership etc. If someone could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, M.  
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    Informaton needed to help.

    I am currently in the U.S. but I own property in Sosua. I want to know if the gofundme accounts I have seen are the best way to give help before I get down there in a couple weeks, or would the Red Cross be a better choice. Let me know what would be the best option for me to help. Thanks
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    thinking about a career change.

    I would like to find a job in the north west DR so I could afford beer and food. This is very vague and I expect a lot of questions. I am just ready to end my current career and retire. My skill sets a wide and varied and my expectations are low. Seems simple. Thanks.
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    getting from Sosua to Luperon

    Are there any other ways to get from Sosua to Luperon and back,other than renting a car. I checked the Metro bus schedule but couldn't find anything. Thanks. BtC
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    would like info on the marina in Luperon

    I was wanting to get some information on some of the marinas close to Sosua, Luperon and I think there is one at Ocean world.Also contact info for a cruiser charter for a day or two if there are any out there for two to four people.
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    Colonial zone hotel recommendations

    We are in Sosua and are looking to take the Metro bus to Santo Domingo this coming monday. We want to stay in the Colonial zone in walking distance to most of the sites. Can anyone give us some ideas of a nice place to stay. Thanks in advance for the help. BtC
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    Mexican Restaurant info?

    Anyone hear about the mexican style place that was going to open kind of across from Jolly Roger. I'll be back soon. BtC
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    I need to find a place to buy contacts

    I have an RX and need to find a place to buy contacts, Sosua would be good, but someplace somewhat close anyway. Thanks in advance for the info. BtC
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    Looking for Bicycles or Bike shop

    I will be back there in a week or so and would like to buy a couple nice bikes, I have been trying to for a couple trips, There is a Bicycle shop in Santiago, but I was wondering if there was something closer where I could find a couple nice bikes. Thanks. BtC
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    Looking for a bicycle shop

    If I remember correctly, there is a bicycle shop accross the street from a LaSarana is Santiago, could some one get me the name and location of some good bicycle shops in the area. Thanks. BtC