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    It is with Deep Regret - Lambada has passed away.

    That I announce the loss of our precious friend Ginnie (Lambada) yesterday in the late evening. Some might not know about the books she has written and the ones that were in progress. The energy and passion she had in those endeavours had fooled me into believing that she would live forever or...
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    M I A !!!! Apostropheman

    We've lost him and are seriously concerned for his well being. Last seen here in Sosua.
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    Wrapping paper for kids gifts needed!

    Let's all be friends. If anyone have some extra resources, we are at that time of the year now for getting presents purchased for the barrio kids, and if nothing else, we're desperate for wrapping paper. So I'm off track too and I apologize, but it's a better cause than y'all dissing each other...
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    Anyone Know How To Contact DannyW?

    Tried PMing but got no reply.
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    Speed Thrills (Computer)

    Let's try this one more time. The object of this thread is to illustrate the relevance between a high power computer and the capacity to surf the internet. I would guess that almost all of us who live here would like to have higher speed internet service, than we now have. In the absence of...
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    Neerd one way ticket to Europe

    Anyone know some angle, some trick, have a contact, etc, for getting to Europe on the cheapie cheapie? Anywhere will do. From there I can get to my destination for 100 bux. Maybe a charter airline that sells empty return seats like the CDN charters do? Gracias.
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    SOLUTIONS: Slow Internet = Need for Power.

    I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say they didn't need a high powered puter/laptop, because all they do is emails and a bit of surfing and Facebook and Messenger, etc. Maybe they don't, in America !!! Here in the DR, we would benefit greatly by having 10 X the internet...
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    Mr. Jones lost his marbles?

    Anyone else get a PM from an IQ challenged basket case? <TABLE class=tborder id=post cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px"><TABLE cellSpacing=6 cellPadding=0...
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    Need one way ticket to Europe

    I'm going to be looking for a one way ticket to any major airport in Europe. (preferably from POP, but STI or SDQ will do) If nothing has changed, one could buy a standby ticket on one of the charters for some odd $250 US. If you have the contact info for the travel reps who handle that type of...
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    Are you free to travel?

    ;) Here is a copy of a post I made on a forum where people seek out cruise partners. I think most of the posters there are looking for love, or whatever. Anyhow, without further ado, this is the deal... (And quite a deal it is. Wait 'till you see the prices.) ;) I have recently retired and...
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    Sosua/Cabarete/POP expert shoppers pls.

    I've searched hi & lo for my old money belt, to no avail. I need one for my trip in a few days and haven't a clue where to get one locally. Anyone seen one for sale anywhere around here? Gracias.
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    CamelQuest 2009 - Rocky's Transatlantic Odyssey

    is the no return cruise to Europe, leaving the 19th of April. The price is showing as $499 right now but it pops up and down and goes as low as $429, based on double occupancy, of course. Bars, spas & tours are extra, the rest is all included. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=460...
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    Name that town.................

    Anyone know? .
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    Chihuahua looking for it's home/masters in Sosua

    This little fella's been here (Rocky's) since this morning. Anyone know who he belongs to?
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    DR1 Brothers & Sisters

    This is it, tonight's the night, party till we drop. And tomorrow is another new start, with new things to see, new things to learn and new people to meet. How great this year has been, to have made so many new acquaintances. I wouldn't dare make a list and get hung by my toes for forgetting...
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    4 days 'till Christmas

    As we approach Christmas and New Years in our adoptive country, away from our blood relatives, we get a deeper appreciation for all our good friends and good fortune. Thanks to DR1 and the avenues it has opened for me, I now have many people who are dear to me, some who I have never even met in...
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    Slipping out the back door.

    It would seem that there's no such thing, at least not for me. Yes I retired. No it wasn't a result of the point system change. Yes, I am tired and want more spare time for myself and biz. No I'm not angry with anyone. Yes I have had disagreements on certain issues. No that is not the reason I...
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    Name that town.

    The Catcherman and I went for a wee ride in the country today. Can anyone recognize the town?
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    Background People

    Ruining your prize photos?
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    Whirleybird's Archie (not the hubby)

    Whirley had a little lamb, Who thought she was a pooch, She wandered freely anywhere, Seeking food to mooch, Her favorite food was crackers, But much preferred to smooch.