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    Santiago tools rental?

    Does anyone know a place in Santiago to rent tools: power drills, saws, that sort of thing? Need to do some minor projects and it's easier to do them myself than deal with the local "contractors" i.e. wasted time, low quality problems.
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    What's burning in Santiago?

    Just noticed a lot of smoke in the distance, looks like the west end of Santiago, anyone knows what's burning?
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    easy bank account with BanReservas

    I have recently lost my ATM card and decided to open a DR bank account to be able to wire in cash. Walked into the closest bank which happened to be BanReservas and asked what documentation they need (I am not a DR resident btw). Was expecting a long list of IDs, bank references etc. but they...
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    Good car body shop in Santiago?

    Can anyone recommend a car body shop in Santiago? - I need to fix a dent after a motoconcho impact. Thanks, VJS
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    new bank account

    What is a decent bank to open a new account in? I am not a resident of DR but stay here frequently and would like to have a USD bank account in a local bank. Online access is a must, english speaking staff is a plus. I came to a Scotiabank branch but they want a reference letter from another...
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    looking for a santiago apartment rental for December

    I would like to rent a furnished place in santiago for about a month, early December - early January. 1 or 2 bedroom, Internet is a must, not sure about location, preferably close to the monument. Any advice or offers are appreciated. On a related note, I want to rent a car as well, is there a...