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    French translation of a website

    I am looking for someone to have a website translated from English to French on behalf of a client of mine. The website is up and running in English and we are now working to make it in French. Please email me your name and the price you would request for the work, and we will get back to the...
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    Facts of "love"

    Was reading my Swedish morning paper online this morning, and they had a poll in the travel section. Close to 60.000 people have replied. Europeans travel alot, and stats inform we go on charter vacations 2,5 times a year of 1 week at a time in avarage. Main destinations for Northen Europe are...
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    Cultural expo in Puerto Plata

    Dec 12 -17 there is a cultural exhibition in Parque Independencia ( Central Park ) in Puerto Plata. The expo is said to contain perfomances, book sales, festivities.. This years expo is named in the memory of Eduardo Brito ( a Dominican barytone ). I haven?t been there yet, so no review...just...
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    Caribbean Ocean Adventures

    Caribbean Ocean Adventures, Dominican Republic’s largest water based excursion company seeks enthusiastic outgoing people with good public relations skills for various positions including beach check-in, reservations, marketing and sales, and bartenders for the boats. Seasonal and permanent...
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    Congratulations to the first York-Dominican

    ... that I know. I got the honor to announce our old/new member Escott?s new status! Escott finally have his Dominican passport! From now on, conversations in Spanish!!:classic:
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    Dinner, beer festival & Concert Sat Sep 17 in POP

    I wrote it in my blog, but will write here too. Anyone up for a casual dinner, pizza and a beer, and later go to the beer festival at the Puntilla in Puerto Plata on Saturday Sep 17? Luis Vargas, El Chaval and others are performing. We meet up around 7 at Barcos for a meal and then we head to...
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    can you please check the script of the software for the blogs. When I save an entry ( click "save changes" ) I am forwarded to a page that gives me this ( it saves changes though )... Warning: implode(): Bad arguments. in /home/dr1/public_html/blogs/include/trackback_cls.php on line 373...
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    For ANNA C

    I know it now. Someone has desided I shall live without any modern, functional electrical items. If you read my blog, you know how coffeebreakers.. I mean coffeemakers have a rule to break just by entering my house. Now my toaster. A fine, design OSTER toaster. Worked fine, 1 made 2 toasts for...
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    Anyone in POP July 23, dinner at Sams

    Anyone in POP July 23, Chrismas in July Dinner at Sams Anyone in Puerto Plata, living or visiting on July 23? Join us for the annual Christmas in July dinner at Sams downtown. Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Vegetables, Pumpkin Pie, & of course, Cristmas Tree...
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    Happy Birthday Anna C - June 30

    As members are from different parts of the world, it?s time to celebrate our Anna C on her birthday! Here in DR its 40 minutes left, but in Europe its soon morning! Happy Birthday Anna!
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    Sankie/Sankiettes wish to move abroad

    Another thing that crossed my mind when it comes to sankies and sankiettes.... I live here, I meet alot of people, I know people working at consulates, in hotels and so on... I seems to me that the sankies are more eager to move abroad, and therefor is pushing this thing with the ladies he is...
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    POP-Central Park is getting a facelift

    Ain?t it nice?! Central Park in Puerto Plata is looking more beautiful than ever! Today I had a chat with the garderer that works in the park full time, when passing. All benches are newly painted, in a nice bronze/gold color New plants are replacing old and destroyed ones All lamps are being...
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    Did I say that?

    These people probably regret a few words, thinking they had the answer to it all... :tired: " Computers will, in the future, probably have a weight about 1 1/2 tons..." Magazine Popular Mechanics, 1949 " I think there is a market in the world for maybe 5 computers" Thomas Watson, Chairman of...
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    Practical lady

    The old woman called the local newspaper to order an announcement as her husband just passed away. She wanted just one line, and said she cannot afford more. The words were: Emilio is dead. The lady at the newspaper felt sorry about her, and called her back to say she will grant her one more...
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    Jugo de avena

    My son loves jugo de avena, and I do it myself for him from time to time. But he says mine does not taste like the ones he buys out in Puerto Plata. Can one of you true Dominicans on the board tell me what I am preparing wrong???? This is what I use, got it from a neigbour. 2 tazas de jugo de...
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    El Faro front cover - hotels closing in Playa Dorada

    When passing Tropical today I saw an article on the front cover of El Faro that the economical crisis of tourism will force hotels to close in Playa Dorada. And of course the man before me bought the last copy... Have anyone read this article, and if so what did it say?
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    Your starting to get old when...

    ... You?re sleeping, but your friends are worried you?re dead ... You can live without sex, but not without your glasses ... Your friend is dating someone half his age, and it is not illegal ... You?d rather go to work than stay at home pretending to be sick ... You find it interesting to...
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    Be careful with the kids & their bikes

    All of you, having kids, please be careful where your kid goes with the bike... Last week when I was walking my dog I saw a little kid, 7-8 years, going on his bike from a side street of the Malecon and out.. He falls, the roads are bumpy and wet.. and the car on the Malecon had no chance in the...
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    Thanks for a wonderful ordinary Sunday

    I read a comment from Ladybird in another thread, about being in UK for a week, and so longing back HOME.. About many people just living in the country of the Dominicans, instead of living with them. After that I took a little break and sat down on my patio, and was thinking... Yes, there is...