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  1. Hlywud


    Just spent 10 days @ the Aquamarine , super Resort
  2. Hlywud


    Great resort Just spent 10 days there, fantastic time
  3. Hlywud

    Death in Punta Cana

    I doubt if anything will ever Happen
  4. Hlywud


    No longerneeded in Canada effective April 1, 2022
  5. Hlywud


    I am getting mine today @ the Sport bar, Gp Luxury Ambar for $16 US
  6. Hlywud

    New Bavaro international Airport in Macao.

    This will never happen bavaro-international-airport-in-macao,
  7. Hlywud

    Warning PCR test will be required to enter Canada with in 3 days of arrival

    He will be able to get a test at Toronto aierport, but he will be put in a hotel at his own expense till the Covid test results are available. New law just past by PrimeMinister Trudeau
  8. Hlywud

    Canada Cancel all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico Until April 30th

    I can agree with you Cdn_Gringo
  9. Hlywud

    Canada Cancel all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico Until April 30th Will not be good for the DR.:mad:
  10. Hlywud

    Covid 19

    I am looking to go to Punta Cana, is the airport giving Covid tests or do you have to go to Centro Medical Bavarp and pay for a Covid test. Reason I am asking is to return to Canada you need a certified to enter Canada
  11. Hlywud

    Getting stuck in the DR

    Great anwser , but You WILL be subject to a 14 day isolation period and not be required for testing.
  12. Hlywud

    Moving to Punta Cana, which sectors are best

    MikeFisher, take his advise he knows the area he been there for years
  13. Hlywud

    This took me a second......

    LOL AE you are the best
  14. Hlywud

    Bavaro International Airport permit revoked

    Absolutely no need for a second airport PUJ can handle all the traffic
  15. Hlywud

    Restrictions on Cruises Lifted as of Sunday November 1st

    This is Great News for the Dominican economy :)
  16. Hlywud

    alert, there is white stuff in the air some places

    Happens every year in the Great White North :)
  17. Hlywud

    2020 Hurricane Season

    Gracias FisherMan Keep up the good work
  18. Hlywud

    SIM card PUJ or near Bahia Amber

    San Juan Shopping Mall is where I get mine
  19. Hlywud

    Bahia Principe

    El portillo fire reported any info
  20. Hlywud

    Hi, I'm new!

    Welcome aboard Gus