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    If you see paratroopers Wednesday, we're not being invaded.......

    Commando units compete in Dominican Republic Commando units from across Americas compete at US-sponsored event in Dominican Republic
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    Did the gringos take their clothes off in Cabarete?

    The headline says: EXTRANJEROS SE DESNUDAN EN PROTESTA POR CIERRE DE PLAYA This is about protesting the closing of Encuentro. And here: Jovenes Surferos denuncian que quieren cerrar la playa El Encuentro de Bombita. But the video of the naked protest shows what appear to be Dominican...
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    Veteran And Vintage in Puerto Plata

    Not me :cheeky:! Yesterday's finish to the Ruta del Ron Brugal (SPM to the north coast) at the puntilla on Puerto Plata's Malecon. Carros y motores antiguos GALERIA FOTOS RUTA DEL RON BRUGAL Plus some videos: Ancient & modern on 2 wheels or even 3 When's the last time you saw a motor bike...
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    Body Evolution In Island Lizards

    'Millions of years before humans began battling it out over beachfront property, a similar phenomenon was unfolding in a diverse group of island lizards. Often mistaken for chameleons or geckos, Anolis lizards fight fiercely for resources, responding to rivals by doing push-ups and puffing out...
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    Craig Honeyman

    I have had an email from the uncle of this expat, supposedly still living in the DR. There is some family news that Mr. Honeyman ought to be aware of. If anyone is in touch with him or if he sees this post, could he please email me (or PM if a member of DR1). I will be advising the uncle to...
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    UK Sailor Rescued Off DR After Texting UK

    ''Basically I'm in sh**. I'm between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, the steering gear is shot and operating (just) on the emergency tiller but only for short periods at a time. My American crew member is sick and can't help. Can't raise anyone on VHF and nearest port of refuge is out of...
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    Motorcyclist arrested for noise violation

    In Gaspar Hernandez, the noise being made by his motorbike. Neighbours complained and ............voila! APRESAN Y SOMETEN A JUSTICIA MOTORISTA POR HACER RUIDO I'm posting it because it isn't all that common. But it shows what can be done when a group of neighbours get together.
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    Sniffing out the solenodon

    'Researchers from the UK and the Dominican Republic, with the help of a grant from the UK Government's Darwin Initiative, have embarked on a project called The Last Survivors , which they say could be our last chance to save the solenodon and hutia before they vanish from the forests forever.'...
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    Differences in dealing with drug war: DR & Jamaica

    I'm sure most people are aware what is going on in part of Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica PM Bruce Golding promises to end unrest '........supporters of an alleged druglord took to the streets to stop him from being arrested. One police station has been set on fire and two others shot at by...
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    Congratulations Junot Diaz!

    Dominican-American novelist Junot Diaz, author of 'Oscar Wao,' elected to Pulitzer Prize board What a great honour & so richly deserved.
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    Bared-teeth: grimace or smile?

    'The true meaning of "devilish grimaces" in Caribbean artwork was lost in translation to the first European tourists and was in fact friendly and welcoming, scientists said yesterday. Early visitors to the Caribbean 500 years ago believed that the bared-teeth motif used in local arts and crafts...
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    Regional variations in cost of buying cedulas for voting purposes?

    I'm doing a little bit of research into how much cedulas were sold for, for voting purposes last Sunday. I wonder if residents in different parts of the DR would be so kind as to ask a few questions in their localities and post here? I am curious to find out if there are regional variations in...
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    No Regrets, 80 Year Old Sings on Britain's Got Talent

    Video here:Janey Cutler - Britain's Got Talent 2010 'New Susan Boyle' Janey Cutler set for global fame after wowing Britain's Got Talent judges
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    Glimpse Correspondents Programme seeking writers/photographers

    Glimpse is seeking applicants for its Correspondents Programme. Supported in part by National Geographic Society, The Correspondents Programme is for especially talented students specialising in writing or photography. Correspondents receive a $600 stipend, a professional editor, career training...
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    An optician I can recommend in Puerto Plata.

    For the first time in nearly 18 years, I am able to recommend an optician in PP who can handle complicated stuff. Prior to this when people asked me I suggested Santiago. So it might not be much of a deal to you, but it's a big Joe Biden :cheeky: deal to me. My specs are complicated: 2 pairs...
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    The Alleged Ganja Farmer Of El Mamey Is Called............Mr. Freedman

    In many English & Spanish language sources, the alleged ganja farmer is referred to as British. This is true but he actually hails from Tortola. There is a picture here of him & some of the 185 plants which he was cultivating. Police apparently nabbed him when he went to fertilise and water them...
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    Peppe of Sosua Seeking Italiana

    Busco una chica italiana Does it pay to advertise, one wonders? :cheeky:
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    New Report On Coastal Ecosystems

    'The degradation of coastal ecosystems, such as coral reefs and mangroves, could cost the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic nearly USD $100 million and threaten the livelihoods of Dominican fishermen who depend on these ecosystems for survival. Coastal Capital: Valuing Coastal...
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    New form for non-immigrant visa applications US

    From 19th. April, details here: Nuevo Formulario Electr?nico - DS-160 Anna, if this is in the wrong place please move or delete.
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    63 Year Old Woman Floors Attacker

    Gregoria Cabrera, aged 63, was shutting her colmado in Navarrete last night when 3 guys, one armed, tried to attack her. Tried but failed. She got the armed assailant in the testicles and floored him and then managed to wound the other two with the weapon of the floored man :). Let's hear it...