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    Third party fines on

    Hi, has someone seen unknown fines on ? My driver claims that he sees 12 fines - but only two is his. Is it possible? Does anyone else have/had the same issue?
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    to buy a stand-up padding board and kayak?

    Where can I buy kayaks and/or stand-up padding boards in La Romana area? I've seen just one model in Auto Marina. Is there a beter place?
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    Where to buy alcohol?

    I need almost clean alcohol. A strong as possible. Preferably 190-proof (95% ABV). But anything above 150-proof (75% ABV) would do. Something like that It is for making tinctures. The alcohol should be good to drink. Locals cannot help. They said that...
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    glass tabletop

    Could you suggest a place to order a custom glass tabletop? Just a big rectangular piece of thick glass. If possible - near La Romana.
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    Forged fittings for a house?

    Could someone advise on a good smithy shop? Preferably in La Romana area? I'm building a house. I will need a lot of forged fittings. Lamps, handles, furniture, and so on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Electricity in Bayahibe and Dominicus

    How reliable electricity in Bayahibe and Dominicus? If someone lives there - are generators or batteries necessary?
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    Marine radio regulations. How tough?

    Mariners, I have two marine radios. We are going to use them with motorized hanggliders (see below if you are curious). How severe is a problem of using the marine radio on the shore? This is "don't even think about it" level in USA. How about DR? Hanggliders in action...
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    best gun store?

    Hi, my wife wants to buy a gun. Don't comment, please :) May anyone recommend a store with a shooting range? She really has no clue what she wants. I simply don't want to pay twice :) If possible - in La Romana area. But Santo Domingo or Punta Cana will do.
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    Limo with divider

    Does anyone know a company that can arrange transfer from PUJ airport to La Romana in a limo with passenger-driver privacy divider? I would really appreciate a hint. With a driver, of course.
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    rent a plane?

    Does anyone know a good pilot with a Turbo prop or a Piston plane? I need to get a ride to Antigua and back. Any ideas?
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    job site in DR

    Yes, I tried to google it... Could someone recommend a DR job site? Something like american and/or Do local actually use web for job search?
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    New car dealership near La Romana

    Locals (and people that live her long enough to be considered as ones), as the second part of this. Could you recommend me a new car dealership near Casa de Campo? I don't really care about the brand. Any good place to buy a brand new small SUV.
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    Have fun (and give me an advice)

    I bought a car. A used one. A day later I got into an accident in La Romana. I just felt asleep behind the wheel. It was totally my fault. Another car got minor damages. My car.... two left doors to be replaced. Well, I didn't like the car anyway. (Don't ask me why I bought it then. This is...
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    cedula #, how bad is to have it publicly available?

    I started using one local online service. Their website requires exact name, cedula, number, and address. I'm from IT world. So I checked website security - just by reflex. It turned out that the site has no security at all. Thus, I'm curious - how bad is having cedula & name & address exposed...
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    Bringing car from US

    hi, I have a car in US. It's hybrid Lexus. RX400h, 2006. Is it possible to bring the car in USA? I've herd that old cars are nit allowed. But my Spanish is limited by "dos servesos por favor" - I cannot verify. On another count: I've heard that if I have been owning the car more than a year...
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    New in Cas de Campo

    Hi, recently moved in DR. I live in Casa de Campo. I don't speak Spanish.