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    wanted in POP used furniture

    If you have any used things such as chairs sofas, tables or anything plastic, also I need book shelves and storage as I am a teacher and need lots of space. I am located in POP.
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    Missing Doberman in POP

    Please help me find my dog. Mikey was given to Mr. LLoyd Robbins in september but this kind man was shot dead in October. The dog is missing and I think he was probably sold. He was last living up in el Cupey. He is a brown color and had a red collar. He bites too. Please help if you have seen...
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    Where can i find the offical post of how much I am suppost to pay when I overstay in the country 4 months. Thanks
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    pop tutor

    If any parents are looking for a tutor in the pop area for the coming school year please PPM me.
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    What is the name of the two types of ticks I keep finding on my dog. One is grey and bigger and the other is small and brown. I want to know more about them since they came home in my luggage to canada and now I found them on my parents dog here. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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    looking for used furniture in pop?

    Does anyone have anything they want to sell in POP? Dont need a bed but anything else I need. PPM Me!!!!!
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    if anyone is leaving I want to buy...

    If anyone is leaving the island I am looking to buy the following: small table for two to eat on 2 chairs stand for tv chest of drawers estofa and small propane tank I would liked to buy used so I hope someone wants to sell this kind of stuff Thanks
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    guard dog needs home

    A 2 year old guard dog needs a home that is fenced in. He is doberman x german shepeard but looks like a doberman. Please private message me. I am in POP.
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    floresant lights

    Where in pop can i buy those lights that charge when the lights are on and then when the power goes out it works for a few hours. What is the price range on these? Thanks
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    kids in POP

    What kind of activities do parents have kids in pop involved in? IE sports, clubs, groups where they can learn skills and have fun outside of a school environment.
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    new university in pop

    Can anyone give me any info on the new university being built. What is its name and when will it be open? Is there any contact information? Also what kind of university is this and are there any esl classes? I doubt anyone can answer this but I thought I would just try!! Thanks
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    I need to find this university!!!!!

    Help please, I need to find the website of the university in Santo Domingo that has courses in english to train teachers. I know it exists I have seen the web site but now I cant find it. It is not Carol morgan that is a high school and I am not interested in the medical school. I know someone...
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    university for teacher training in english??

    Hi At one time on this site there was a link to a dominican university that has courses in english. I am looking for an education certificate program. Thank you to anyone who can help.
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    Anyone live in Boca Chica

    I would like to talk to someone living in Boca CHica. I live in POP and may have to move to Boca chica for two months as my husband is being transfered for two months. Thank-you
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    mullaney international school in pop??

    Does anyone have the phone number for this school? Also has anyone ever sent their children there?
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    help!Good home for guard dog needed in POP

    I am looking for a good home with a yard for a doberman. He is only a year old and is still very much a puppy and is very trainable. He knows sit stay and shake a paw. He loves playing with other dogs and is very protective of his owners. He is an excellent guard dog.
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    how to delete threads?

    can someone tell me how to delete all of the threads I have posted? Thanks
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    Want a Fridge in POP

    Does anyone have a used fridge that works and is not too expensive that they want to sell??
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    Doberman puppies??

    Does anyone know where I could find someone in POP who wants to sell (inexpensive) or give away Doberman puppies around September???
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    Private teacher or tutor looking for students

    I was just wondering if there are any parents out there that are looking for a private teacher or tutor for their children (english speaking) for the September school year in any subject or grade?