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    Holiday Traditions!

    I'm curious about Dominican Christmas traditions... what's the typical Christmas morning look like in Dominican?
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    dominican passport

    Hey there, I'm curious as to the steps one takes in order to obtain a Dominican passport. How much would this cost? I know it's prob on the forum here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it!
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    always 'married'

    im just curious if anyone else is seriously dating a Dominican and wanting to live in Canada instead of Dominican?? in all of the posts i've read, everyone has already been married and then started the process. i, on the other hand, am not married and not ready to get married quite yet... (no...
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    sosua nightlife

    last night as i was sitting at el flow with my bf and some friends, i couldnt help but notice this young girl sitting with an old old man. i see it a million times, but this time she really caught my eye. not once did this girl smile ... in fact, she had such a sad, distraught look to her that...
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    my boyfriends daughter is turning 15 and from what i gather it's the important one (sweet 16 from where I'm from) and is what i called it correct?? quinceanera any gift ideas? i feel like i remember a post like this a little while back, but i cant seem to find it...
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    last two weeks of sept.

    i will be in sosua for the last two weeks of sept and was hoping baseball might be going on?? i know they sometimes have games at the field across from casa marina but last time i was there i didnt see much going on .. i have no idea when baseball season is here! is there anywhere around that...
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    Overnight stay in Santiago

    Hi all, I'm planning an overnight stay in Santiago (Aloha Sol Hotel is where I've been looking at ... anything cheaper close by?) Curious as to things that might be fun or interesting to see or do. I've heard about the Monumento and Centro Leon but that's about it. Cheap restaurants around...
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    A 22 yr old Dominican man rapes a 14 yr old Dominican girl. What options do the family have in pressing charges? Related costs? In Sosua. Thanks
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    is there such thing as a daycare in sosua? im curious as to what child and youth worker jobs there are on the north coast. thanks!
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    Tourists in Sosua

    I didn't want to hijack a different thread but I read that there is a lack of tourists in Sosua? Is this year worse than other years previous?
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    mailing address

    I'm curious about a complete mailing address. I'm wanting to send something to Los Charamicos but unsure if I have a complete address to send it to. Can someone offer a sample address to see if mine is correct?? I know it's a strange request.. maybe lol :) thanks! Chelle
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    One year stay .. documents needed?

    Hi all, I am planning a one year stay in Dominican (maybe more, but as of now it's one year) and I'm curious if I need any legal documents to be in the country that long. I know there are exit fines that I will need to pay, but is that all that would be necessary? thanks in advance!
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    donovans pub

    does anyone have any contact information for donovans pub in sosua? thanks
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    ceyama cuchi

    has anyone heard of this school in puerto plata?
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    Good History Book

    I'm on the hunt for some good history books about the Dominican Republic. I've been intrigued since hearing stories of Trujillo when he was President, and now today with seeing the current President in Sosua. I prefer real account stories. Any names of books, or places to look would be...
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    Orchidee Restaurant review

    I went to Orchidee Restaurant tonight for dinner with a couple of my girlfriends and I had to post as soon as I got home. This was the best dinner and service we have encountered since being here. Not to mention that the prices were also great! As soon as we walked in we were greeted with...
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    residency or temp visa needed?

    I was offered a bartending job here but I am unaware of documents I would need in order for this to be legit. Do I need residency? temp visa? Any information would be greatly appreciated! :)
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    Jewish Museum

    I'm looking for the Jewish Museum in Sosua. "near Calle Dr Rosen" is all the book tells me. I need a little more help! :)
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    all inclusive

    just curious if anyone knows which all inclusive resorts are close to sosua beach? which are worth looking at? thanks!!
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    Just curious about something ... I recently read a post about a family having a nanny. Would that be another hopeful dream for a Canadian citizen? I'm sure it depends on the family ... but just a question I thought I'd ask :)