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    Clinic for tourists opens in Blue Mall Punta Cana

    That would be Hospiten and Centro Medico Punta Cana. Sent from my BLN-L24 using Tapatalk
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    Canuck in need of help

    Saw this post on Facebook this morning and thought I'd pass it on. A fellow Canuck is having a rough time with a hip operation gone wrong. I've met Pat before but don't know him on a personal level but I do know he is well liked by many people. Give it a quick read if interested. Crowdfunding...
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    Transfer from DR to Canada

    22 years in the DR and have never had to transfer money outside the DR lol So at a total loss as to what the best option is. I only have pesos accounts in the DR (Scotiabank and BHDLeon along with US credit cards at both) and have a CAD account in Canada (mom has a USD account if needed)...
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    Volunteers wanted for PGA Tour event

    They're looking for volunteers for the tournament if anyone is interested For those that haven't gone, it's a beautiful course. Sent from my BLN-L24 using Tapatalk
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    Residencia definitiva - renewal process

    I was asked a while back to give an update when I finally applied for my residencia definitiva, so here it is. First off, to qualify for the definitiva you have to have had your residencia permanente for at least 10 years. Secondly, you have to request the change of category, it doesn't happen...
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    Online payment for traffic fines now working

    Just paid my 2 pending fines online at . You simply create an account and consult your pending fines then select the ones you want to pay and enter a credit card. Easy peasy. Double-checked after and they now show up as paid. Sent from my SM-G800M using...
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    Migración PC now receiving applications

    Just confirmed today that the Migración office in Punta Cana (located in Punta Cana Village, behind Wendy's on the 2nd floor) can now receive residency applications and renewals. You of course have to first apply online by selecting the correct office before selecting the service and once...
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    Trip recap: Constanza, Jarabacoa, Presa de Taveras

    A little while back I thankfully asked for recommendations for a trip my hubby and I wanted to do to the Constanza/Jarabacoa and maybe Ocoa area. Based on that, this is what we ended up doing. Left Punta Cana on a Thursday afternoon, unfortunately quite a bit later than planned and ended up in...
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    Suggestions trip to Constanza & San Cristobal

    Hubby and I are looking to get out of Punta Cana for a long week. Since I haven't been to Constanza in over 12 years I think it would be a nice change. We have a Kia Soul. Up to now what we're considering is: Day 1 Drive to La Vega then up to Jarabacoa. Visit Salto de Jimenoa 1 and/or Salto...
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    Protests happening in Higuey.

    Following what's happening right now in Higuey. People apparently are protesting that it's taking too long to get the results which appear to be very close between Karina and Cholitin. Shots and tear gas to disperse crowds have been reported and they've started burning tires in Villa Cerro...
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    Driver's licence now available in Higuey

    According to this article in Bavaro News, an office has been opened in La Sirena Higuey to issue and renew licences. Bit by bit... ISSUU - 5 de febrero 2015 by B?varoNews
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    Cat for adoption

    If anyone is interested, I've been caring for a cat for the past few weeks. She doesn't appear to have a family since she spends most of her time on my balcony but she's verrry affectionate. I unfortunately can't keep her since my chihuahuas would make her life hell nor do I want her to live...
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    Spay and neuter campaign for cats and dogs starts today!

    For the east coast residents: Starting today until Monday, 40 volunteer Canadian veterinarians from CANDI (Cats and Dogs International) will be in Veron (Punta Cana) to spay and neuter between 800-1000 cats and dogs for free. They'll be located close to Ferreteria el Detallista and the only...
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    Strike going on in Higuey/Punta Cana

    Surprised no locals have reported this yet. Things seem a bit caliente in Higuey at the moment with protests and tires burning but everything quiet in Punta Cana with no incidents reported up to now. The local taxis were lined up on the highway today and reports say only tourists going to and...
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    Wasn't your imagination... just happened M4.6 - 71km S of San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic 2014-02-18 16:18:56 UTC
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    La Romana bypass open!!

    I can't believe no one's mentioned this yet! This is like THE best news I've gotten all month!! Especially since I'm off to Santo Domingo tomorrow lol! Inauguran Circunvalaci?n de San Pedro de Macor?s - With that new bypass Punta Cana to Santo Domingo in my Picanto is now...
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    Residency renewal date?

    My sincere apologies if this has been answered before. Searched and searched and no luck. Migracion telefono was a no go too. My permanent residency expires next month. Anyone know if I can start the process before August or does it have to be during August or once expired? Cedula's fine...
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    Fire in Bavaro?

    Heard from a friend that a gift shop in Bavaro located in front of the Occidental entrance is on fire. Anyone been that way?
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    Gas left in Punta Cana / Bavaro?

    If anyone's filled up their vehicle today, please post here where you managed to find gas. It's running out fast!
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    Pasola for rent anyone?

    Would anyone by any chance have a pasola (aka scooter) they'd be willing to rent until mid June? Or a used one in good condition for sale? I've gone to the dealers but am not interested in spending over 60,000 pesos for a less than 3 month solution and with the temperature starting to rise...