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    James Bond 007 inspired by a Dominican man?

    Stumbled on this article about the possible origins of 007. Check out this article....hmmmmm
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    Dominican On Telemundo Atlanta weeknights

    Sergio Carlo of the tv show Chevere Nights in the Dominican Republic is now the daily host of the Telemundo Atlanta Total Access segment. It looks like he is now a Georgia resident. Apparently the Dominican community here is over 20k strong now.
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    IRS wanting to know my assets in DR

    My bank in DR called asking me to fill out some important paperwork. It was a request to fill out a form W-9 from the IRS and to provide a copy of my US passport. I had heard about this coming but since I used my cedula I figured they wouldn't ever ask me. In any case, the bank manager...
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    Article about Fathom (Carnival) cutting back on DR to switch to Cuba.
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    Where is Las Carmelitas neighborhood?

    Every other "nice" neighborhood is labeled on google maps but I can't find this one. Heading down there this weekend to take a look. Does anyone know where it is?
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    Puerto Plata cable car

    I was planning on taking my kids up to the cable car in Puerto Plata but after reading some reviews on tripadvisor I became discouraged. Does anyone on here (DR1) have first hand experience going there without a tour group? How often can you guesstimate the power goes out? Thanks in advance...
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    Atlanta to Santiago flights

    I have not seen it posted here so FYI. Delta will fly Atlanta to Santiago on Saturday starting next week.
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    The Dominican or Dominicana

    I've heard plenty of people refer to the Dominican Republic this way. Dominicans and non Dominicans say it all the time. We've heard it all our lives and even remember Milly singing the song Me Voy "Pa' Dominicana" since I was (in pig tails) growing up in NYC. She is a female pioneer of one of...
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    Tourism tax incentive

    Mr Guzman, Can you please explain the law 158 Tourism Incentive? Is it still valid and what does entail? Thanks in advance, Kenney
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    Dominicans in Atlanta. Restaurant in Cobb.

    For all you Dominicans missing home. I found Punta Cana Dominican Grill in Marietta, GA. It's on Powder Springs near Macland Rd. The food was good and the people were very friendly & chatty. I was happy :) Ccarabella
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    Customs fees waiver for Christmas.

    I apologize in advance if this has already been posted or asked. Is the usual aduanas fees waiver going on this December? What is the rule or where can I find it? Thanks
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    Ex Miss Mundo Dominicana arrested in Miami

    Not pretty! Apparently, she was involved in a credit fraud scheme with her friends. En libertad la ex Miss Mundo de Rep?blica Dominicana acusada en Miami -
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    Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa guilty of marriage/immigration fraud

    Washington Heights, Inwood - "Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa pleads guilty to marriage fraud charges, must resign immediately. Rosa, 47, also admitted to committing bankruptcy fraud and accepting an illegal campaign contribution of $1,000 from an unnamed “representative of a foreign government.”...
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    Brazil's streets look just like the DR -pics

    Google has a link with street tours in the barrios of Brazil. If not for their national colors you would think they were taken in the Dominican Republic. Neat. Check it out -
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    Aiming to be the first Dominican born Congressman

    State Senator Adriano Espaiillat (Cibae?o maybe?) was an illegal immigrant. State Sen. Adriano Espaillat showcasing his Dominican heritage through campaign - NY Daily News
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    Inquiring about an area in Santo Domingo DN

    I'd appreciate any insight on the following area. Avenida Gustavo Mejia Ricart between Nu?ez de Caceres and Winston Churchill. I am casually familiar with the area but I don't "really" know what it's like for living. It's a major avenue and not ideal for quiet living but it is walking distance...
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    Dominican news anchor on the Weather Channel

    Anaridis Rodriguez-Starnino Anaridis Rodriguez -
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    List Dominican Movies

    Trying to compile a list of Dominican movies/comedies to watch during down time. Please add to my short list. La Soga (Manny Perez) Mi novia esta de Madre (Patti Manterola)
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    Tmobile has free international web & text

    Just an FYI. T-Mobile has free international web & text while roaming to Dominican Republic. It's helpful when you are on vacation and can't find internet service. Unsupported Browser
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    Anybody use a dash cam?

    Yes, i've looked but I haven't found someone that actually uses one. Going to DR in a few days and I wanted to bring one with me. I think this is the only time I can say Google didn't help much. Anyone use a dashcam at night, dark roads? Any recommendations?