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    EPL - we were spoilt for choice.

    Last few years we have really been spoilt for choice when it came to english premier league football. There were games appearing on numerous espn and fox sports channels. This year though, since nbc got the contract in the good ole usa, there has hardly been a proper match on the telly. Yes...
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    things i just can't seem to find any more.

    three things i just can't seem to find any more in santo domingo. any idea where i can find .....wait for it...... 1). kellog's rice krispies 2). carnation malted milk powder (closest thing i ever found to horlicks - not very nice) 3). mandarins - when is the season for these???? i really...
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    Figueroa agosto - sobeida info

    Some selective sobeida info is being released. Makes some interesting reading. No-one seems to have opened up a thread on the subject yet. Sources i have read are, and expect to see a lot of others. Spectacular that miguel vargas, the prd traitor...
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    International Collectibles Roadshow at Hotel Aloha Sol

    has anybody checked out the international collectibles roadshow that is advertised as being in the hotel aloha sol from the 5th to the 8th july? buying or selling.....just curious to hear of anyone that has gone and what they think. it is advertised in the diario libre today and is supposed to...
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    where's the "celebrity spotted" forum?

    spotted ex-chelsea player (although he may rather be remembered for any other team) adrian mutu in santo domingo (seriously). would love to have uploaded a photo 'twitter' style, but don't know how. how come we don't have one of those "famous celebrities spotted" forums. i am feeling...
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    'encuestas' and 'sondeos'

    whatever party you would prefer to win the elections, surely you must admit there is a big difference between the results of the 'encuestas' and the results of the 'sondeos'. the 'encuestas' are the numerous numbers of official polls you find in the dailies and are supposed to have some sort of...
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    How those in the dom rep are most likely to die

    Spider bite. BBC - Future - Health - Deadly hotspots: What will you die of where?
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    really ticks me off - for about 5 minutes anyway.

    had a local notary public sign, date and stamp some documents to be sent to the uk. all wording was in spanish. the documents were sent and were accepted in the uk. there was one question put to me though: "how is it that someone can be qualified to be a notary public, but writes the date as...
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    walk the plank - zipwire

    looking for information on the "walk the plank" zipwire in samana. didn't find much in dr1 search results (perhaps i am using the wrong search words or forum). have seen their website and tripadvisor.....not really specific enough. would like to hear from anyone who has 'done' it. how much it...
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    fraudster arrested in dom rep

    Fraudster donor Michael Brown held in Caribbean although the story is interesting in itself, i wonder for what reason he was arrested here. taking money from somebody connected with man united, some people would argue, makes him more of a robin hood. anyone know him?
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    cakes, chocolates, christmas puddings, business mail, eps, mail boxes,

    have been loads of threads about the various courier services offered in dom rep. business mail, eps, mail boxes, etc. most ask about which ones are the best, cheapest, etc. usually involves a laptop or such-like. has anyone ever tried to bring small amounts of food with any of these...
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    werewolf - piantini area

    for weeks now, there seems to be what sounds like a were-wolf in the piantini area. at first, i thought it was only at night time, but now it seems to howl in the mornings as well. it is loud and i think it is relatively distant, but sounds really sad. today it is interrupting my football...
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    which british company up and left?

    not sure if this is right place to start this thread......did a quick search and found that nobody has yet started one on this subject either. on the news a couple of days ago, the british ambassador to the dr, steven fisher, more or less said that due to corrupt practices on the part of dom...
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    mrs. muller's vegetable compound

    wife's a bit of a hypochondriac. have loads of medicines and stuff around the house. she's come home with a new on this time though.....some brown liquid concoction called sra. muller's vegetable compound. it came in a nice box, but for some reason that has spirited away. the label on the bottle...
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    Fifa probes Caribbean officials

    BBC Sport - Fifa probes Caribbean officials over Bin Hammam meeting link above: "Fifa has given Caribbean football officials 48 hours to explain their part in a meeting with ex-presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam." Mohamed Bin Hammam is the qatari ex-Fifa presidential candidate who has...
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    World Cup 2014 - DR win Concacaf qualifier

    8th july - dom rep won their world cup qualifying leg against anguilla away. final score 0-2. good to see the press isn't getting carried away like the english usually do with constant reminders about how this time they can go "all the way".
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    the left lanes?

    read this in the dr1 news section today (thursday 16th dec.): "Controls will also be imposed to ensure that trucks drive on the left lanes of the highway. This has been proven to reduce accidents." it is an extract from the paragraph about AMET launching a Christmas accident prevention...
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    would you have done anything different....?

    a few evenings ago, i went on a walk round santo domingo. i have regularly done this for a number of years. i put my "walking kit" on and, as usual made sure, i was carrying no valuables of any kind. ....yeeeeaaaarrrssss ago, it would normally have been a pleasure to take a quick time out to...
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    BBC Secret Tourist

    i think the first in a series of programmes on the BBC called "secret tourist" was originally shown at the end of july. it may have already been mentioned on DR1, but some of the programme is about an english family sent for a holiday to the all-inclusive "fun tropical" hotel in puerto plata...
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    The Dominican Republic and Caricom

    BBC Caribbean put this article up today. I though it was quite interesting ... and definitely put a different spin on Leonel and his endless travels. Thought some of you might be interested to.