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    Is there Uber in Puerto Plata?

    You can try the InDrive app and choose your price
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    Paypal Account linkage to Banco Popular account

    My Banco Popular acct is in pesos and my DR paypal is in dollars they will gladly do the exchange for you
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    Paypal Account linkage to Banco Popular account

    If you have a DR Paypal account and funds available you can transfer from the Banco Popular side online just type in your email and your balance will populate although now it costs $20 (used to be $10) Add a US bank account add funds to your DR Paypal then transfer into your Banco Popular acct
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    Need Recommendation for doc in Santiago

    Looking for recommendations for a doctor in Santiago to check and administer meds for high blood pressure. Anyone with a good experience and high recommendation appreciated. Was checked out a year ago in States so no need for a Cardiologist but need to get back on the meds so I think a general...
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    Sexual Abuse Counselor Recomendation

    Can anyone recommend a sexual abuse counselor or psychotherapist in Santiago? The victim is now 19 but suffered years of abuse from the father and is now willing to seek some counseling.
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    Business to Business Lead Generation Agents needed in Santiago

    Fluent English Speakers needed for Business to Business Lead Generation Campaigns We are currently staffing for our office in Santiago The ideal candidate will speak excellent English and have experience in business to business lead generation. You will be required to make 80-100 outbound...
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    Looking for a cool place place to hang out this afternoon and early evening?

    New to Santiago and looking for a "cool" by that I need some A/C place to hang here is my criteria: A/C Cold Beer / Good drinks Good Prices Some big screens for sports Nice looking Waitresses Some appetizers for munchies Suggestions?
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    Cisterna Dry - Need a truck of Water

    Can anyone direct me to where I can buy a truck of water? I live in Los Girasoles Santiago and how much is it?
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    Murder Suicide Javilla tours
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    Carpenter needed in Santiago

    If anyone could suggest a carpenter to build out some tables, shelving etc in Santiago would be appreciated we speak Spanish and English
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    This Day in History - 1965 U.S. troops land in the Dominican Republic
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    Friend Needs Dialysis

    Any suggestions where my friend can find dialysis treatment either on the North coast or Santiago? One of the machines at the public hospital is down and he has been having to pay 6 mil and would like to know if there are any alternatives.
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    What is an acceptable wage for expats wanting to work here in the DR?

    Hi, so most of the call centers as you know are located in Santiago and Santo Domingo and employ dominican residents. However they only pay about 125 pesos per hour at the most plus some commission which for the most part is unreachable to obtain. This is fine for residents as they need to make...
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    Who will be having the best Super Bowl Party?

    Super Bowl is tomorrow...where is the best party, food TV's etc Island wide?
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    Robbery main road Sosua Abajo Incredible
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    Fact or Fiction?

    A partir de mayo del 2016 los ciudadanos dominicanos podran ingresar a territorio norteamericano con tan salo presentar su pasaporte ordinario con una estancia no mayor a 30 dias y no podran trabajar, tendran que salir del pais antes de los 30 dias, esta decisi?n fue tomada mediante la...
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    Another "Medical Tourism" Death

    Muere joven durante cirug?a pl?stica en cl?nica est?tica de Edgar Contreras It seems the problems with these cases always involve lipo.... Muere joven durante cirug?a pl?stica en cl?nica est?tica de Edgar Contreras | Nivel De Noticias
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    Sanki Sliding Center

    Funny Sochi 2014 Successfully Completes the International Training Week at "Sanki" Sliding Center - Sochi 2014 Olympics
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    Passions closed?

    Authorities Rescue Women from La Passion's in Sosua
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    O negative blood donor needed

    My friends grandmother needs a donor for O negative blood in Santo Domingo. The blood bank says it has to replace the used blood with a donors. If anyone can help please respond to this forum or on IM. Thanks.