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    Good company for importing vehicle from DR to US?

    Thanks for any heads-up.
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    Can't post about sub-letting?
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    Anyone else notice about a 1000% increase in mosquitoes over the last few days? El diablo, the little buggers are everywhere all of a sudden. From no bites for months to dozens.
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    Thievery & Security Guards

    It's been quite a month. I had an apartment break-in (in a nice Santo Domingo neighborhood) about three weeks ago and a vehicle stolen yesterday (from a parking lot in an even nicer neighborhood). In BOTH instances Im convinced the "guachiman" or security guard was involved. I had to miss work...
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    Leonel's new hip-hop graffitti ads

    I can't get over the spray-painted "b-boy" font of his latest political posters, all over Santo Domingo. Is he angling for the youth vote? From Washington Heights?
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    Women's Doctors in Santiago

    Any recommendations for a gynecologist in the Santiago area? Long story.... but any help much appreciated.
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    World's smallest merengue dancing man

    Hot wife, to boot. Saludos, Nelson. YouTube - World smallest man
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    La Chaki is my new favorite poster.

    Discuss amongst yourselves. :cheeky: :cheeky: :cheeky:
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    To all the THIEVES who work at SDQ Airport

    I hope that you use your pilfered gains to buy computers, learn English, and read this: You SUCK. I hope your new computers are stolen from your houses and I hope your English is sufficient enough to understand my gleeful laughter when this happens.
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    English Teacher for MLB players

    The position about which I posted below, at St. George School, has been filled. But I also do some work in the evenings working with young baseball players signed to contracts by MLB teams. The job description is for an "English Teacher", but much of the work is helping the guys get some idea...
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    Back from Shakira

    Um, I know there is the ex-Argentinian President's son and all of that, but do you think she would marry me? My father hasn't ordered any assinations (yet)! ;) Personal favorite moment from the concert: seconds after Shakira told the audience how much she loves being in the Dominican...
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    Santo Domingo to Paraiso in the SW

    Once we got past Barahona the road became windy and the views became breathless. It is reminiscent of Northern California, with rocky cliffs plunging down into the sea, except here the water is torquoise and shimmering. The drive alone is worth the trip. We stayed in Hotel Paraiso, which was...
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    Seeking English Teacher with experience, CV

    Let me clear from the outset -- I am not hiring, nor am I in a position to hire. I myself am a high school teacher working at a private school in Santo Domingo. For personal reasons I am considering pursuing other options after Christmas and would like to help the adminstration search for a...
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    Dominican Girl killed outside of Praia last night

    Anyone in the club last night? Sad story.
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    Bookstores, Lack Thereof

    I finally made it to Thesaurus and was a little under-whelmed. New Horizons is next on the agenda. Do you think the reason there is not a single Barnes & Noble type store in a city with a population equivalent to Chicago's is based on market forces? Would such a bookstore fail to make money...
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    Motorcycle Wanted

    I know the conventional wisdom on this board about the likelihood of suicide by motorcycle, esp here in the capital... but Ive crammed into publicos one too many times. I want to buy one. Anyone selling? Or want to recommend a dealer or friend who is selling a motorcycle? Thanks.
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    new bar in colonial zone

    Last Thursday I was wandering in the CZ and stumbled across a tent on Calle Sanchez, just south of El Conde. Free beer, free Brugal. It seemed to be a hot spot, with lots of young, wealthy dominicans. They told me the drinks were free to celebrate the opening of a small bar / club. I dont know...
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    Dont Miss Bars/Clubs/Sights in Barahona-area?

    Just moved to the Capital from the States and want to escape the city for a few days this week. Im thinking of heading into the SW. Ive read the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to the SW, but wondered if locals have any heads-ups. Im a single guy, looking to have a few beers, check out the...
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    Carro Publico Etiquette ?

    When standing along the side of the street, waiting for a carro or a guagua, and a carro arrives with space for one... is there any consideration for who gets to board first? The first person who had begun standing there? Ladies first? The first one to dive in? Coming from NY, I know well...
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    Landlord died! What now??

    Im kind of in shock! I came down to SD about a month ago to find an apartment, as i will be starting a teaching job this fall. I signed a lease for an apartment owned by an old Swede. He seemed sickly, but not... you know... on his death bed! In any regard, I returned to the US to arrange...