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    Long term rentals in Cuidad Puerto Plata or maybe Cabarete

    I pay $160 per month for three sizable rooms in Puerto Plata. Only Coraaplata water is included. I pay all else and supplied my own furniture. It is noisy from 7am to 12 midnight but seems very secure. I found it by walking the streets in likely areas looking for signs and talking to locals.
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    Ministry of Education releases alarming report on violence in Dominican public schools

    No they do not need to clarify. It is perfectly clear to anyone with a basic education in maths.
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    Abinader would get 52%, Leonel 27% and Abel 19% if elections were held today, according to CID Gallup

    A perfectly respectable sample. Polls in the UK usually sample between 1000 and 2500 people, and the UK has a population of 60 million. See here:
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    CONSEQUENCES: shacking up with a Dominican girl at your home

    Shack up with a (preferably illegal) haitiana instead. Improves your odds no end.
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    Neighborhoods in Sosúa / Puerto Plata

    I rent an unfurnished apartment in Urb. Atlantica in Pto Pta. Two double bedrooms and salon/kitchen. US$160 per month incl. water. I pay my own luz, gas, TV and internet. No aircon but I do not want it anyway, No parking space. Very safe with friendly and helpful neighbours. Too noisy some...
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    Arrest of Haitians at Ciudad Juan Bosch; the day before, Haitians threw stones at Migration agents

    Why do you use the word 'patois' in an otherwise factual and unbiased report? I presume they were speaking (or shouting) in Haitian Kreyol (or Ayisyen to use its more literary name). It is no more a patois than the Dominican version of Spanish. To call it that is demeaning.
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    puerto plata taxi driver that speaks english

    Alberto Reyes 809 844 3432 WhatsApp English not great but has been driving English-speaking visitors successfully for twenty years.
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    Dentist recommendations

    I can endose that recommendation. I live in Pto Pta but still travel to Sosua to see her,
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    Where can I receive the booster shot in Puerto Plata city?

    Where can I receive the booster shot in Puerto Plata city? (Should have posted this in the North Coast section, sorry).
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    Operation Falcon: Major raids in Santiago, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana

    All these parties are analogous to Mafia families. They may squabble among themselves but will co-operate or accept each other's members when opportune. The main difference between them and European parties is that they have no ideologies. All European parties, at least until the recent vogue...
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    I have used CPS in Puerto Plata for five years (averaging maybe three packets per month). Rate is now RD$230 per pound weight (or part of pound) and has increased each year in line with devaluation of peso against US dollar. I have never been overcharged or suffered lost or delayed parcels...
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    Looking for a maid in POP

    Thanks AE. I did that, at least I think I did. Of my three posts here, the second and third should be private, but they appear to show on the open thread. Is it the case that only No Place Like Home and myself can see them? If all three are viewable to the world then I obviously did not do it...
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    Looking for a maid in POP

    As my post was ambiguous, I should clarify that I am paying her 700 pesos each day, so 2100 per week. It comprises 200 per hour plus 100 for transport. I appreciate this may be a little on the high side, but having been with me for twelve years she knows exactly what I want. I can leave her to...
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    Looking for a maid in POP

    Sorry for slow response I have been out all day. Does your wife speak Spanish? Enough to arrange a face-to-face meeting? I am not comfortable with this conversation being on the open board, but I cannot see how to conduct it by personal messages as was previously possible. Any ideas on this?
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    Looking for a maid in POP

    I have been using the same woman for cooking cleaning for twelve years, Very reliable, competent and honest. She is 34, haitiana. I pay her 700 pesos for three hours work, three times a week. She could use a few more hours. She lives in Urbanizacion Atlantica (not far from the stadium). She...
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    The Meeting Place, PuertoPlata

    Is the Meeting Place still functioning? Their website is hopelessly out of date. If still going, please post opening times and days. Thanks.
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    World Cup soccer in Puerto Plata

    Please post venues and dates/times for watching World Cup 2018 matches in this thread. Thanks. Belgian Mik at Tropical Bar (caseta #3) on the Malecon is showing today (18 June): Belgium v Panama at 11am (via internet link) England v Tunisia at 2pm (via satellite link) There will be an array...
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    Birthday cake for 3-year-old

    Can anyone suggest where I can get a small birthday cake for a 3-y-o boy lettered with his name and age? I have only tried La Sirena. No joy there. I need it for 11 am this Monday (5 Feb) but could order and pay tomorrow (Sat).
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    Can anyone recommend a kosher restaurant in Puerto Plata city?

    Can anyone recommend a kosher restaurant in Puerto Plata city? I will have an Orthodox Jewish acquaintance visiting.