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    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

    We have ads. Feel free to contact me on pricing and availability.
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    Anyone in the Ice Cream Business?

    Hello all!I'm hoping someone here has some info. It's difficult as heck to shops-here(Bon, Baskin Robbins, Valentino..) they all buy their respective franchisors products. I need ice cream shop supplies, cones, spoons, etc... anyone know a place? Thanks
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    Any Members in/Knowlegable Housewares Industry

    Just got a (US)patent pending on an item, Which I believe is very useful and improves an already existing house item found in homes here and in the states. As far as I can tell in Mexico as well (searched: Home Depot Mexico) I'd like to know if we have any members with some knowledge in...
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    Yet Another Mall.. Downtown Center

    Ok, you asked for it is. Downtown Center Caribbean Cinemas biggest cine in the Caribbean, with 16 salas. Sarasota / Romulo Batancourt. Opening July 2016 was by there 2 days ago , looks more like Oct. 2016 Dios Mio! ...
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    Taxes Paid on Home Sale??

    Can anyone inform/educate me on how much are the taxes one pays when selling a home? no realtor involved ..just put up a sign w/ my number will involve a lawyer for the paper work but, it just occurred to me that I might have to pay a % of taxes if I do sell it. thanks
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    Freight/Package Forwarding Business

    I have been trying to figure this type of business set-up for a couple of weeks now and I have gotten nowhere. How is it done? I'm looking to get in on this, I think there is gonna be a boom, and the marketing sux for these places like Aeropaq, EPS. TPak. Who brings the stuff to the DR from...
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    Cryogenic Thermos / Dewar Anyone..Anyone

    Hello all! I am in need of a small dewar. a dewar is basically a thermos for transporting liquid nitrogen. there are 2 companies here in DR that rent these out. which is exactly what I'd like to do, but, they are huge 180 li.($1,000 usd. deposit) I need to rent a 5 liter one, so I turn to DR1...
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    German Shepherd...Puppies?

    Hello looking to get a German Shepherd in SD, hopefully a pup so that it can be trained and grow with the family. Any info?... Thanks
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    DR Must Build a Spain in Melilla

    The olde ignoramus saying of "Donde come uno, comen dos" must be abolished from the Spanish language, 2 starving peoples/countries are just that. 2 starving countries. A fence must be built, lest we lose all the resources we have left, Spain built this fence in Melilla...DR needs the same...
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    Can Son Buy House from Father

    Tried applying for mortgage loan from BHD Leon, all paper work was in order. Went to take in a appraisal ordered by the bank, which is like the last step when, I was informed by the bank manager of the bad news..since the present owner is my pop, I cannot buy the house from him :confused...
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    Buying My Own House / Hipoteca

    Well it's my parents' house, the house is in their name. I need some cash and they have authorized me to do as I wish with the's not a big house or even in a nice area but, my father loves the house and I need the cash now, so selling it is not an option. Unless I sell it to myself...
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    Feliz Navidad Merry X-Mas Video ( kinda )
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    Bella Vista Mall feedback

    Just a couple of days ago I was chatting with someone about how I've been looking for a commercial locale in a DR mall for the longest time, and the person mentioned to me how Bella Vista Mall has a space available ($US800) in the food court. I see that the Cuban sandwich shop and expensive...
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    Man made river

    In light of the recent news "Haitians take over border towns in DR" and talk of a wall going up along the border. I would suggest that the discussion be about a man made river. 100 years from now the river will be there, a wall? not so sure. The living conditions in DR would take a steep...
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    Nice Video (Velas Santo Domingo)

    Just saw this short video, thought others might enjoy it as well Velas Santo Domingo 2014 (Aerial View) Day 1 - YouTube
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    Diary of a Dominican in?. Minnesota english is funnier :)
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    Esos son Reebok o son Nike??

    De SaYcedo :laugh:
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    Acropolis Center...doing..?

    I have been interested in a mall location(food court) for some time received an email from Acropolis with what seems to be a fair rental price...but I'm not in DR, anyone been to Acropolis lately?.. I was told that it was dead.(person that is not in DR either - lol) Can anyone corroborate...
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    Scotia Bank Mortgage? Any one

    I just called Scotia bank to inquire about mortgage loans..requirements and so forth. The answer I got was 13.25% does that sound about right? I thought it was way too low..when by most accounts the rates in DR are 21-25%.. can anyone shine some light on this for me..I would appreciate it..Thanks
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    In Support of the High Court Decision

    USA, France and Canada all want to DUMP "the Haitian problem" on DR...and so I applaud the decision of the DR high court. In my humble opinion they are looking out for the well being of the country (DR)and it's sustainability. An average Dominican household has less off springs than a Haitian...