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    Studio Apartment Rent One Bedroom from April to July 2018

    Good Afternoon, I am looking for a Studio Apartment for Rent, One Bedroom, Kitchenette, from April to July 2018, it does no t have to be near the beach, maybe around super pola. It's for me and my son who is attending the french school in Las Terrenas. Any tip or help would be greatly...
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    Private Schools in Samana?

    Hi Everyone. Can anyone recommend me a Kindergarden or Elementary school in the Samana Town, I?m moving to the Cayacoa GBP Hotel. I?m asking about both, cause my kid is 5yrs old, back in Mexico he was in Kindergarden 3, in which they are able to read and do basic math, He also had half day in...
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    Loteria Nacional

    Anyone knows a site where you can keep track of the results of the Loteria nacional regular contests on sundays, loteria bills, not quinielas. I came across the Official site of the Loteria nacional and as usual, lots of explanations but no list of results. Thanx GI
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    El Portillo IATA code & Coordenates

    If someone knows, thanx.
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    Take Off Puntacana-Arroyo Barril

    Anyone knows the web site, phone number for Take Off in Puntacana? Do they flight from PUJ to Arroyo Barril? Anyone knows the fare? Thanx in Advance.
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    COPA Flying to PUJ

    Good news: New destinations: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Washington, D.C. Thursday, April 26, 2007 Panama City, Panama ? April 26, 2007 ? Copa Airlines, subsidiary of Copa Holdings S.A. (NYSE: CPA), today announced it will offer new service from Panama and connections in Latin...
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    Miss USA 2007

    Ohhhh yes! What a slap in the face for all the americans who are not only protesting against the latino immigration to the US, but also for the white supremacist hate groups against latinos, they have now a Panamenian born Miss USA to represent them. Who understand them?:bunny:
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    Earthquake Again ??

    Around 5pm I felt a slight earthquake in the Bavaro Area, mi wife, which is in the Puntacana Area called me to confirm that. Anyone has the link to the sismologic page from PR? it was very usefull back in 2004 when we had that one on the north coast.
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    Antonio Casares whereabouts

    Does anyone knows where Antonio Casares is now? Last time he was managing the Hispaniola hotel in SD, before that he was managing the Hacienda Resort in Cofresi. Last time I heard from him, he was in the north coast. Any info please PM me, will be much appreciated. George.
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    Bahia Principe Bavaro

    Bahia Principe Bavaro Incident Anyone knows what happened with the incident about an employee stabbing another staff member in this hotel?
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    Paulina Rubio

    Anyone knows if there is a ticketmaster number or address ? Jun, 4/05 Paulina Rubio at the Fortaleza Mexican Paulina Rubio will perform in Santo Domingo at the Fortaleza Ozama on 4 June. This is part of her Paulatina Tour 2005. Rubio takes the stage...
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    Piano anyone ?

    Does anyone knows a piano tuner in the SD area, somehow its hard to find one. There is a Gentleman who is an excellent concertist and fixes pianos as well on his spare time for known friends, his name is Mr. Guillo Carias, but unfortunately I lost track of him. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Want to buy a car!

    Anyone knows a decent web based autosales page where I can browse to see used cars??? Thanx.
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    Junta Central Electoral

    Is it my mind, or this page just dont open... Correct me if I am wrong... or......else
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    Gangs in DR?

    I have been hearing in the news there have been a lot of redadas lately and confiscation of house made guns, mostly thieves. But when I see all this kids copycatting the drees styles of rappers, caps, basketball shirts, etc I wonder if they have any idea of organized gangs in the US, if the know...
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    Santo Domingo - Thailand

    I ws doing a research, if existent, to be a flight to Thailand, I found one, MIA-LAX-BKK (Bangkok) Any hint would be much apreciated.
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    Ice Crean for kids

    Another money launder bussiness? Curious.
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    Another one big comming ?

    I have been in contact with a friend of mine in the Geology dep of the Mayaguez Univ from PR. Somebody was saying that cadena de noticias said they were expecting another one in beetween 4-6 am. Can somebody confirm or contribute to have more accurate info. Thanx. CG. (scared quakefobic mexican)
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    Irak Road Map
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    Ho ho ho / Hlywud

    None :bunny: