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    dominican republic culture

    Dominican Republic Culture Old Town Santa Domingo The Dominican Republic has a rich and interesting culture, which sadly many tourists to not get a chance to experience. The country has an amalgamation of influences, with a combination of European Spanish and Latin American. Dominican people...
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    History of dominican music

    "Bachata is a style of music that inhabitants of shantytowns call their own to own. Though this may seem like almost a negative connotation, one should remember that bachata has been widely accepted through many, though not all, classes of Dominican society. Bachata evolved from..." The rest of...
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    uk marriage visa

    my husband and me want to apply for a marriage visa to live in uk, so we want to know what will we need to get that. what kind of papers and things like that?
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    job wanted

    Hey everyone My name is Geraldine. I am looking for a job in cabarete or sosua. I am dominican and i speak and write english and spanish, I have computers skills( microsoft word, accounting register system, computers tecnic,etc). I also have experience in sales. If you have any offer please pm...