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    When there's a will there's a way. Awesome job Hospital Calventi

    WHoever is running this hospital should be put in charge of running all hospitals in The DR. Hospital Calventi realiza 3 mil partos en un a?o con cero Mortalidad Materna In Spanish... Hospital Calventi realiza 3 mil partos en un a?o con cero Mortalidad Materna Detalles Escrito por Yenifer...
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    All inclusive Resort Recommendation

    OK guys need a quick recommendation for an all inclusive for two days (I can't take more than that at one of those places) in Puerto Plata area this week for the family. Something where two 18-19 year olds can have enough fun. A quick search gives me a wide range of prices. Some like Casa...
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    Refrigerator Shelves - Where to find

    So I bought a fridge a few years ago for my house in The DR. Being the typical Dominicans that my caretaker (my grandpa) and the lady that cooks for him, etc are they have managed to break every single one of the shelves the fridge came with. Granted they weren't the best quality (The fridge is...
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    Prosecutor Yenni Berenice

    Man this girl is making a name for herself. I have to admit I think I have a crush on her...:laugh: She's good looking, tough as nails and like "homie the clown" she just "Don't play that..." She just put big time TV mogul and rich as hell Frank Jorge Elias in jail for beating up his wife...
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    Barrick Gold Agrees to Give The DR 60%

    Great news today guys...Barrick Gold has agreed to renegotiate their contract and give The DR 60%, which Danilo and their team have agreed to put to good use in Education, Health and other services strictly for the poor. Danilo has barred all government officials from taking any money for...
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    Martha Heredia - What a turn of events

    Dominican "Sweetheart" and Latin American Idol winner Martha Heredia supposedly got caught with 1.8 kilos of cocaine or heroine (every newspaper has her with a different kind of drug) while going to NY. She has been in the papers lately for putting her husband in jail for supposed domestic abuse...
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    Our very own "Aunt Clara" interviewed

    Found this article via La cocina de la t?a Clara; m?s de una d?cada documentando los sabores dominicanos - La Lupa Sin Trabas | La Lupa Sin Trabas My wife has the book...excellent
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    Balaguer - The Dictator after Trujillo

    Just reading up on some of the events between 1966 and 1978. I lived through part of that even though I was a kid, but still remember the fear and intimidation everyone felt at "La Banda", still remember this or that person being arrested and "disappeared". My family was definitely in the...
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    Dominican companies that hire the worst drivers

    Thought this was pretty funny...and so true. Unfortunately it's in Spanish and it doesn't translate well. 6 empresas dominicanas que adoran contratar a los peores choferes ?|?KeDificil
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    Dominican First Lady Has Spent More Than 17 Million Pesos in Hats?

    According to this blog Lo que dice Damian.. Lady Margarita apparently is the Ismelda Marcos of hats. She loves them so much that she supposedly has more than 3000 of them, some of them costing as much as 10k USD. The article also touches on a supposed trip to The NYC where she had a store on 5th...
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    If you're a tourist and you still think you can drive in The DR...

    According to an article from USAToday "Road deaths are the No. 1 risk to tourists ? ahead of terrorism, plane crashes and infectious diseases". The DR is ranked third in terms of highest numbers of road fatalities only behind Mexico and Thailand. Here's the article:Traffic accidents are top...
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    Forwarding US Cell to DR Cell for cheap

    OK all...I know we've discussed different US/DR phone forwarding setups in the past. I'm just piking everyone brain to see if there's a cheap solution to what I desire to have setup when I travel to The DR for communication. Is it possible to somehow forward calls from my US company cell phone...
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    Senator's First order of business - Raise their own salary

    So here we are with a congress completely controlled by The PLD. Senators jut got sworn in for a new term, haven't even started work yet and already decided to raise their salary by 50k pesos a month. It's going to be a loooong 6 years... Tras tomar juramento senadores dicen se aumentarán RD$...
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    Best Dominican Caricatures

    This guy has some of the funniest Dominican caricatures I've seen... Check this out (Spanish):
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    Cost of Endoscopy - upper GI

    My post about apple cider vinegar on AZB's thread made me wonder how much approximate does an endoscopy / upper GI cost in The DR for someone without local insurance. I've been wanting to have one, but here in The US is a huge pain first trying to convince your doctor to order one, then trying...
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    "Guzman" Inheritance - Part Deux

    I remembered there was a thread about the Guzman inheritance as I read this article from Today's Nacional newspaper. The thread has been closed. See here: ...Anyhow it looks like someone is going to cash in somehow. See this...
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    Any good deals for New Years time frame

    Anyone know of any decent deals to be found to fly in and be there for New Years? Ideally I would be going down on the 26th coming back Jan 4th and flying out of Detroit are, but I'm very flexible as in don't care as to the number of stops, or what city in The US to fly out of, because I can...
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    Senators and Politicians

    That's not new at all HB...the only novelty there is that it actually got reported and is getting play in the media. Normally the guy would just give the family a bit of money and this would be forgotten. Not justifying the creep deputy at all, but the girl's family is after money because he's...
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    Imagine getting lost night...

    What if you found yourself lost in one of these Santo Domingo hoods (Capotillo, Los Guandules, Las Canitas, etc)? I got curious and decided to take a look at these hoods from the "air" using google maps and it really drove the point home why cops don't even bother trying to go there or if they...
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    It looks like Bono lent his plane to Leonel

    Leonel is currently traveling to Libya. I had heard the president is a big fan of U2 but didn't know he would go as far a rent the same plane they are using.