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    Groceries prices in the DR

    Skippy posted this site on another thread. It will give those of us who are thinking of moving to the DR a good view on the cost of groceries and other items in the DR. Check out
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    What is a "Campos" person in your eyes?

    I would like to find out what that means exactly... Any real takes on a campos person, so I know what they really are, since I have not been there yet to witness these people myself... Oh I will not be around to answer your replies this afternoon..I am taking my son to the Circus... but...
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    Win a trip to the DR!

    Hey found this Win a trip info at My family sent it to me. Worth a shot as someone has to win! Also some good travel info at that site. :) Pam
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    Can you draw up a WILL in the DR?

    After reading the Next of Kin thread just wondered if they have such things as a will or is it just naturally divided?
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    Info on building home out of Quioba Tree? Sp?

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about building a home with the Quioba tree? Not sure how to spell it but sounds like Ki-O-ba. Any info on the use of the tree in homes will be appreciated. Thanks! :) Pam
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    Funny Go to by accident!

    Accidently put in instead of and look what that is! Too funny! Pam
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    What to bring for local kids?

    Have read to bring things for the local kids when I come. Have MANY MANY new clothes to bring for the kids (100+ pieces) Would like to know what types of things would be good to bring. My husband says anything as most have not too much. Remember I am going to Yamasa' a rural area of it anyway...
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    Bringing Big Dogs to DR..

    Well I know the archives is full of info on bringing dogs to the DR. It is an easy process a small or normal dog at American Airlines is $50 with Health certificate..But my problem is my "Sophia" is a Great Pyrenees who weighs 135 pounds and American Airlines said she can not travel! Has to be...
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    Shipping Vehicle to DR

    Has anyone information on shipping a vehicle to DR? A used vehicle? Just wondering if it is feasible to ship a truck (paid for) or cheaper to buy one (extra expense) in DR. Thanks! Pam
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    Any horse people from abroad in DR?

    Hi all, Enjoy reading your info. Need all the info I can get as I am making my way to DR as soon as I can get my affairs in order here.(Georgia USA) Just like to know if there are any horse owners that read and post here. Looking for info on having a horse in DR. Anyone have info on shipping a...