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    Where to get replacement a/c remote in DR?

    We're having the hardest time finding a replacement remote control for our York wall air conditioning unit. We have emails out to our Casa Linda management, to a Puerto Rico distributor, to the main office in Asia, to distributors in the states, etc. Our villa was built about 9 years ago and...
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    Hurray! AA Specials to POP From All Over US!

    AA website has great websaver specials starting today for travel to POP thru June 15. We got ours for $460. It hasn't been that cheap in almost 2 years. Hope StLouis Mike and NashvilleDude see this thread.
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    Sex & the City Mentions DR & Vibrators

    My favorite series, Sex, had a conversation tonight about vibrators, with Samantha (Kim Catrelle) discussing hers. She ended the topic by saying "They can share vibrators in the Dominican Republic..." It really really pissed me off. Talk about POINTLESS HUMOR!!! Is the DR ever mentioned in...
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    Dad's 1st Visit to DR - Shock & Awe my God!

    This is a 3rd person trip report for my dad who recently went with my husband Doug (GlowWorm) to stay at our villa in Casa Linda near Sosua. My son and his girlfriend also came with us, which was the first time for them on the north coast. My dad is opinionated, unyielding, prejudiced against...
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    I never thought I would say this but

    Escott is one hell of a guy and I worship him.
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    The Cat is out of the Bag

    Ok, ok ok. Let's get it out in the open. Mr.JanH is really GlowWorm. Finally got my own user name (Ken will be so disappointed that I didn't use Jan's eunuch). Ahh! The freedom, the sense of relief. Albeit, shortlived. Thanks to those who knew and didn't squeal. XR and Chris, special...
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    Pardon the Pun but What's Shakin' on New Years

    A simple question to which I expect a lot of differing answers. Where's the best place to be for fun on New Years eve/day in the DR (north coast) I am focusing on the Sosua/Cabarete area. Let me explain "fun". Will be there with my wife and her son (21 years old). Her father will be there...
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    Any Experiences with SkyAuction

    There's an auction going on right now for MIA-POP, with certain black-out dates. The site provides you with all the additional fees and premiums, including how much additional you'll have to pay at auction end, from various other originations. Right now, the bid is $181 per person. Once you...
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    Electricity Problems

    I have heard of inumerable problems with electrical equipment being destroyed by "power surges" in the DR. From what I have observed of the electrical distribution system in the Sosua region, I believe the real problem to be "brown outs" or low voltage for prolonged periods of time. Jan and I...
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    Roberttttt!!!! Need User Name Help

    OK Robert, need a little help here. I have tried to register as a different name than JanH (yes, Ken I am trying), but I can't seem to do that if I use the same email address as JanH. Is there any way I can have my own user name with the same email address????? Doug
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    Miss DR Just Won Miss Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW! We should all be so proud of her. She also won best costume - 2nd year in a row for the fashion designer.
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    Emotional Visit to a Local's House

    We didn't see the need to write a Trip Report this time because our stay in April was strictly getting our newly purchased villa furnished, etc. After a week of working on the house, we were on our way to a nice restaurant on our last night in DR. The following story is the sole purpose of...
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    Looking for Quality Carpenter

    The name might be misleading, this is DougH not JanH. I am JanH's husband. Our house in Sosua has one window that has moderate damage from termites and I am looking for a carpenter in the area that does quality work. The window is rather large with several panes of glass. Not a complicated...
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    Street Vendor Oil Paintings

    I've checked out the archives and didn't learn alot, so posing this question: We see all of these oil paintings in shops all around the DR. We see the same ones over and over. We also see these paintings sitting outside during the rain. Some are from dominicans and some haitians (i forgot...
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    2-Wk Trip Report Sosua/Cabarete

    This is our second thread concerning our 2-week trip to the Sosua/Cabarete area in February. The other thread is under ?Living? where we shared our experience of buying a house in Sosua. The following is strictly experiences of vacationing in the DR. Transportation: Ok ? we couldn?t wait to...
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    Our experience in Buying Villa in Sosua

    For all you out there fantasizing about buying a place in the DR, but were afraid the novelty of the island might become tedious, then listen to us. Our first time in the DR last year was at an all-inclusive 5-star resort on the southern end. We saw very little of the real living on the...