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    Birth Control in the North Coast

    Hi I originally posted in the living section, but was recommended to come here. Does anyone know or can recommend doctors to do IUDs or implants for birth control in Sosua or Cabarete? Thanks!
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    longer term Birth Control options in North Coast

    Strange question I know but needed information. Does the DR have IUD's and implant options for birth control? Also does anyone know a good place to safely get it installed near Cabarete/Sosua? Any information like costs as well would be very welcome. My stepdaughter who used to live with us...
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    Need embarkation form for Dominican Son

    My step son is flying by himself for the first time to come back home after spending the summer in DR. He has dyslexia so my plan was to fill out the forms for him and then he can come to the airport with the completed forms. I can find the customs form and I have the US form that he uses to...
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    Who has custody?

    My Dominican husband lives in the US with me and at some point we want to start the process to bring his 2 kids. The question I have is who really has custody, when my husband and the mother of his kids split over 6 years ago she moved to Santo Domingo and left the kids with her mother to...
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    Pedicure with massage chairs

    I am visiting Santo Domingo and really want a comfortable pedicure where my foot is not propped up on someone's thigh. I have read here a couple of times that there are some places available in Santo Domingo but there were not clear directions. Does anyone know where one of those places are...
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    Vet in the North Coast to do a travel certificate

    Does anyone know of a vet that can do a reliable travel certificate in the North coast besides Dr. Bob in Sosua? He is not coming back until October 17. If I can I want to get my dog on the plane this Saturday but I don't want someone who does not know what they are doing. Any...
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    Advice on best option to travel to Santo Domingo with Dog

    I am confused about what is the best way to go and need advice from you seasoned travelers. The situation is that I am flying my dog out of Santo Domingo because this is the only way he can arrive the same day without an overnight kennel stay at Newark. I am in POP the flight is on a Saturday...
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    Anyone used Hacienda Urbana in Santiago?

    I have been looking at the website for Hacienda Urbana for my dog to stay in their boarding while we visit the area. Has anyone on this board ever used them and if so what was your experience? Thanks!
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    Key Fob Repair?????

    I am asking this question without a lot of hope of an answer but I figure this is DR and they seem to repair everything here. Does anyone know of a place in the North Coast that can repair the chip inside of a key fob. We have changed out the battery so we know it is not that, but it no longer...
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    Auto body work in the North Coast

    Does anyone know of a reasonable auto body repair person in the North Coast. I am currently in Costambar for 3 months and I have a rental car. However for some reason there is a person going around keying cars and my car has been unfortunately targeted. Everytime I turn around there is a new...
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    Foolish dog question but I need to know

    So my family and I are coming for a few months and we are bringing my dog, a 22 lb Cavapoo which is a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle mix. He is obviously a US dog and my first time taking him anywhere. I figured that when I give him water that I will give him the same drinking water as us...
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    Barber School in Santo Domingo?

    Does anyone know of any barber school that is in Santo Domingo and not offered by Infotep? We called them and their program doesnt begin until next year. Thank you for any help on this situation.
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    Looking for furnished rental in Santiago for 2-3 months

    From everything I have read trying to find a reasonably priced furnished rental is akin to looking for the holy grail but I am a believer in miracles so I am going to put it out there. I am looking for a 1 bedroom furnished apartment in Santiago from like Mid August until October or November...
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    Barber school in Puerto Plata?

    Does anyone know of a Barber school in the north coast? I know typically men learn by just practicing in DR but I was hoping there might be an actual school for learning as well. If anyone could provide information that would be great!
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    Accident in Santiago

    On March 31 I was on a Metro tours bus coming from Santo Domingo into Santiago and when we were almost at the Santiago bus station, the traffic was crawling along a woman was laid in the street. As we approached I could see that someone had put some bags and and a box over her face so I assumed...
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    Where is the Junta Office in Santo Domingo?

    I need some documents legalized for the immigration process and everyone posts to go to the Junta Central Electoral office in Santo Domingo. However I can not figure out where exactly is this office located. Google Maps lists one street and the website seems to have a lot of addresses for...
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    Hibachi restaurants??

    Are there any Hibachi style Japanese restaurants in Santo Domingo. I would love to take my husband to one.
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    Citizenship for woman married to Dominicano

    I am a US citizen and married to my Dominican citizen husband. We are in the process of immigration and we have our interview date to bring him to the US. I know that because I married him by law I am entitled to Dominican citizenship but I don't know how to go about doing that. Also do I...
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    Looking for thread about reception hall

    I thinking I am losing my mind but I could have sworn there was a thread about a reception hall that could be rented in Sosua? It had a link to the company's website and lots of great pictures. I remember thinking that I wish I knew about this place when I planned my wedding. However I am...
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    Places for Massage in Santo Domingo

    I did a search for this and the only information I found was from posts in 2006 Can anyone recommend a good massage parlor without a happy ending in Santo Domingo. This is my first time in Santo Domingo as I am always in the North Coast. What are the prices currently? My husband and I will be...