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    Former Mod AnnaC Has Passed

    RIP Anna. Anna and I had many short "conversations" of a disciplinary nature but she was always cordial and fair..
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    DR1 Get Together In Toronto!

    Hi Anna; It's been almost 17 years. Any chance you might want to organize a get-together for the Toronto area? Cheers!!!!
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    Already Started

    Hard to believe I posted here back in 2008. Well, I guess tourists are still arriving looking for love and companionship. Now we have a new wave of travelers who call themselves “PASSPORT BROS” , mainly African Americans running away from “sistas” and looking for fun in DR. Anyone word of...
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    Already Started

    I guess after covid it has "Already Started" . Any word from Musicqueen?
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    DR1 get together on the North Coast on August 5th

    Nobody wants to answer. Perhaps we can get together again after CV-19 crisis.
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    Activity in Men from mars and women from Venus

    Back In the days when I joined this forum (2005) this very same sub-forum (“ Men from mars and women from venus”) used to be very active. I remember the main “plato del dia” was always ladies asking for advice regarding their relationship with their new Dominican boyfriend, usually met at the...
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    Sankies and Canadians

    While doing some research on the phenomenon of female sex tourism in DR, I found some notes from a researcher from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada), stating that Dominican beach boys find Quebecois women to be the most permissive. This ?fact? is covered under the umbrella of 2 major...
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    Age Difference

    A couple of years ago I learned of an American citizen who got marry to a Dominican young man 20 years her junior. I believe they are still together but their marriage has not been without rocky segments. When 2 people from different cultures decide to make a life together; how important is the...
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    Dealing with imported Dominican men

    This site is very descriptive of dozens, if not hundreds, of American, Canadian and European women bringing/sponsoring these men to their respective countries. Many of these women tell us of their difficulties and struggles when trying to adapt their men to a different life style; job issues...
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    Older woman; much, much younger guy

    ?Love?, emotions, attention and adulation play important factors for these mature women once they are ?courted? by a much younger Dominican. The age difference factor amplifies the fact that these 2 persons are at very different stages in their respective lives. Generally, the ?sponsor? is well...
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    Haitians ?passing? for Dominicans

    I heard that many Dominicans in Spain are ?passing? themselves for Venezuelans because of the extreme bad rap a few ?bad apples? have given the community. This is (allegedly) happening @ nightclubs in Madrid with the idea of picking up local women for a quicky. On the other hand, I?ve seen...
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    Hillbilly?s Rules Revised - HB Lite (The Diet Version)

    Hillbilly?s Rules Revised - HB Lite (The Diet Version) Very few cases meet Hillbilly?s strict rules, and even if we ?relax? Hillbilly?s rules a bit, by ?diluting? them, the rules might not get a tourist close to a happy ending. I think HB rules could guarantee a ?somewhat successful...
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    Old terms : Black + White = Mulato, Mestizo + Blanco = Blanco..

    Inspired by a friends? comments (and surprise) on the diverse terminology applied to the population of American territories colonized by Spain , I decided to do some research on the usage of the following terms and combinations. Negro + Blanco = Mulato or Pardo Mulato + Blanco = Terceron (...
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    Dominican spouse/significant other

    I have been reading this forum for a couple of years, and very rarely I find descriptions of reactions from friends and relatives when knowing of a possible wedding/romance between one of their members and a Dominican. Has your experience been positive, meaning your circle accepted your...
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    Dominican mother-in-law

    It is well known the hardship suffered by many Dominican single mothers when their adult sons marry North American women and leave DR to settle in a new country. Many of these young Dominicans play the role of main bread winner in these often broken families. Notwithstanding monthly checks that...
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    Why some NA women think they can change their DR man?

    We have heard many stories of innocent, young American and Canadian woman falling in love with resort workers. Sponsoring them, marrying them to finally take them out of DR into new territory and to find out later on that these very same men are not the same guys they met while holidaying in...
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    DR middle class and Dom York Chopo(a)s

    I would like to take certain comments made in ?Looking for the real thing? thread and start a new one. Why DR middle class dislikes/laughs at/resents Dom York Chopo(a)s - DYCs ? I?m referring to DR middle class living in DR. Indeed, it...