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    Chinese automobiles in DR - Run away or good alternative?

    Check out the BJ40 plus
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    Chinese automobiles in DR - Run away or good alternative?

    My wife and I went to look at them back in March. Yes they look great inside and outside. The Chinese cars are definitely gaining traction in DR after looking at them we started noticing more and more of them on the road. I know that they are built with let’s just say less than top shelf parts...
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    Glad I found this post, I will never set foot in Santiago ever again after reading your post.🤣🤣🤣🤣 You have to remember one thing Dominican’s have more answers and advice than Google will ever provide.
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    KDK fans with a light kit?

    Ok glad you got it sorted out. I like your analogy of the blades, never going to look up at my fan the same ever again. 🤣
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    KDK fans with a light kit?

    I wish you would have posted this a week ago I just sent 8 Hunter fans to La Vega. I would have gladly helped you out getting a fan down to you from Florida.
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    Martha Stewart photographed in DR for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

    Great for Martha, but stay tuned as SI has just announced another upcoming cover model. Let’s just say it’s going to be a Bud Light moment for SI.
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    Importing a car from the US

    Yes it is a classic 2003 Suzuki DRZ400 street legal with about 600 miles on it. Why would I want to spend money on a moto if it is possible to send one.
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    What % is the seller factoring into his listing price ??

    Just curious is this the home that you were looking at that had some electrical issues.
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    Importing a car from the US

    Not to go off subject but does the older than 5 year rule apply to motorcycles also.
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    Import 10Kw Generator from the USA to the DR?

    Have never used them but Awilda doesn’t have to many stellar reviews. Have always had good experiences with Tonys shipping when shipping from New York.
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    Why it’s so hot

    So you’re telling me that the earth is really not flat. Geez I learned something new today. 😉
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    To give or NOT to give “LA CENA”

    Well I guess I’m lucky to have a get out of jail free card. Being a retired NYC policeman I just hand them my retired police ID which they just look at it then look at each other with a puzzled look. And just like that I’m on my way with a watch your speed and have a nice day. But I will agree...
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    Largest Project in DR History - Moon Palace Punta Cana Hotel

    I could be mistaken if there is another big project going on in PC. But it was a project with 4 or 5 tower cranes that is why I assumed this was it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Largest Project in DR History - Moon Palace Punta Cana Hotel

    Now I know what that is I was looking at from my balcony a few weeks ago when I was staying at Melia. Might have to check it out when finished. Melia has certainly gone downhill since the new owner took over.
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    Air Conditioning Help

    There are not many that are 110 but I did see one from TGM that is 110 but only for the 12000 btu model. Anything bigger than 12000 btu’s is going to be 220.
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    Air Conditioning Help

    You can check out Refripartes and Refricenter both are authorized dealers and installers. As you will need an authorized installer for your warranty to be valid. Also as was said previously try to get a unit with at least an 18 or higher SEER rating. We have purchased Daikin units from...
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    US President Biden praises DR for anti-corruption in his speech at Summit for Democracy

    Well if there’s anyone that knows about corruption Brandon’s your man. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Better hope he doesn’t mention that the DR should be joining him in banning gas stoves. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Renting a car in Santiago?

    I was actually thinking the same thing. 😏 I just told my wife that we need to start making connections or we will never get anything done in DR.
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    Boarding Pass

    You will need a paper copy especially if you are flying Spirit everytime we arrive at STI at 1am my wife always asks a representative if we need to wait on the line and we are always told yes because we do not have a printed copy of boarding passes. Well guess what I bought the next day to send...
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    Decent Hyundai mechanic in Santiago?

    My sister in law has had very good service from this mechanic. I also like the fact that they are a NAPA PRODUCTS dealer. Manuel Arsenio Urena, S.A Av. Bartolome Colon, Av. Metropolitana esq, Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000 809-582-1151