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    XMAS Booze Be careful out there

    Beware of low priced JW Black Label, Dewars & Chivas. The market is flooded with fake products. (It's Christmas after all).
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    WTF Is going on at Escuela Gregorio Luperon

    They're putting up a 10' wall around it. I feel sorry for the students. Now now no breeze at all. Oh yea the Gov. will be installing Air Con, Now the little kids walking around with their families can ask "Daddy why are all those ladies standing outside those bars? Why are there so many...
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    CMP Closed ?

    Does anyone have confirmation?
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    Urgent Need small Air Con.

    Need a small unit 5000 btu window unit. PM's please. Sosua POP Cabarete Thanks, Eddy
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    Gringos that want to fit in. (Recommended)

    A must for you. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Boca is not dead

    Just got back from there. Wilson has opened across the river. Today was his first day. Offers free boat shuffle across the river. Food was OK (After all it was his first day) Just take the normal road to Boca, park you truck and wave. He will pick you up and bring you back. The view is better...
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    Dengue - Dengue & more Dengue

    More and more cases have been reported in the Sosua POP areas. Perhaps our municipal authorities should address this problem before worrying about Sosua's "Image".
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    Looking for a Westie puppy

    During one of my weak (Read Drunk) moments, I promised my GF that I would get her a puppy. We are in Canada now and looking but it would be a lot simpler if I could find one in the DR. If anyone can help out please post or PM me. Thanks.
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    Emergency Call

    An Emergency Call Centre worker in London has been dismissed from her job , much to the dismay of colleagues who are reportedly unhappy with her treatment. It seems a male caller dialled 999 from a mobile phone stating , "I am depressed and lying here on a railway track. I am waiting for the...
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    Plane Crash - Asiana Crew

    This is funny <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    What??? Another 2% increase

    Has anyone gotta link to this?
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    DNCD out in force

    They are hitting Sosua and all the barrios. Let's wish them success.
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    Distasteful but one of the funniest ever

    A woman stands at the edge of a cliff, trying to get the nerve up to jump. A passing hobo stops and says, "since you're about to kill yourself anyway, would you mind if we had sex first?" The woman said "No! And go away!" The bum turned to leave and muttered "Fine, I'll just go wait at the...
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    English School in Sosua

    Any recommendations? For an adult...
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    A true politician

    Harper's technique Remus Rudd No matter what side of the political fence you're on, THIS is FUNNY and VERY telling! It just all depends on how you look at the same things. Judy Harper an amateur genealogy researcher in Northern Ontario, was doing some personal work on her own family tree...
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    US and Canadian Visa renewals

    A friend has multiple entry visas to both US and Canada. As they will expire in 2015, I was wondering if they could be renewed while in Canada. Anyone done this in the past? Also can the renewal be done before expiry.
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    The new Sosua in 2012 Sosua has had a lot of bad reviews in the past, this because after rising to tourism stardom in the mid -1980`s, the town declined under the heavy weight of competitors in other destinations both inside and outside the Dominican Republic. Added to this, the lack of...
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    Gary is in the hospital

    Who in the hell is Gary? Well Gary is the guy who gets home late one night and Marilyn his wife, says "Where the hell have you been?" Gary replies "I was out getting a tattoo!" "A tattoo"? She frowned. "What kind of tattoo did you get?" "I got a hundred dollar bill on my privates" he said...
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    Rainy Monday Riddles (Sorry, the best I could do today)

    Q : What?s the difference between a carnival side show and a burlesque show? A: A carnival side show is a cunning array of stunts. Q: What?s the difference between an epileptic oyster shucker and a prostitute with diarrhea? A: An oyster shucker shucks between fits. Q: What?s the...
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    Dominicans & Shakespeare

    I was in a salon this morning and couldn't believe my ears. The hair dresser was quoting Shakespeare to a hooker that just had her hair done. " Tubi o no tubi ". Hey, It's just Tuesday.