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    No firefighting trucks in Sosua?

    What this video is saying is that there are no firefighting trucks in Sosua. The people were putting out this fire by using "cubetazos" of water from the pool and that the truck that showed up to help was a cisterna cleaner that happened to be in the area. VIDEO: En Sos?a...
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    ?Conoces alguna de estas universidades?

    UASD: Yo nac? en el seno de una familia pobre y sufr? penurias para acabar la carrera. La huelga solo fue un motivo de rebeli?n contra el estado opresor. Como ver?n soy egresado de la mejor Universidad Dominicana, me dieron Clases los personas mas brillantes del pa?s, pero no dispongan de mi los...
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    Pelicula Sanky Panky
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    Que Viva El Merengue
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    Sanki Panki Video in Spanish

    Here is a video for those of us that understand spanish. It is about the Sankies in Boca Chica.
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    Miss Republica Dominicana 2006

    The new candidates are here!
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    Renew Dominican Passport in DR

    Does anyone know if you can still renew your Dominican passport at Las Americas airport? Can someone give me more information on this? I will be going to the DR on the 24th and I need to renew my passport. I live in Orlando and I really don't want to go to Miami to renew my passport. Thanks!
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    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers on DR1.
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    Ticket for October

    Hi to all. As you have probably already read or heard, the Festival Presidente de Musica Latina is confirmed for October 14,15, and 16. I need to buy my ticket. Do you suggest that I buy it now or hold off until after September when the kiddies go back to school? I have searched now and it's...
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    Hi everyone. I read many posts regarding Dominicans that work in animation. What exactly is animation in a resort?
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    Barrios Haina & Gringo

    There is a Barrio Chino in Haina. I believe that I read in this forum that Timex has a house in el Barrio Chino. I am actually from Haina. I'm from el barrio Gringo. I have some friends that live in el Barrio Chino.