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    NY Times Article About Real Estate In North Coast

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    U.S Social Security And Representative Payee In The DR

    I contacted the SSA office in the US embassy in Santo Domingo on a Monday via e-mail and received a phone call the following Friday. After addressing all my concerns listed in the e-mail, I was given an appointment for the following Tuesday, if I could have all the documentation necessary: my...
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    Accident on Las Americas

    My employee was riding in a guagua that rear ended one that was backing up on Las Americas in front of Dario Contreras. She said many were injured and that the engine fell from one of the guaguas. This happened 30 minutes ago going West.
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    Pizza Hut on Calle El Conde Again

    If you are a fan of Pizza Hut, you will soon have one on 19 de Marzo and Calle El Conde; next to Patatas Fritas. No opening day yet, just construction and two banners announcing the new location.
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    Lack of attention to details...

    Someone posted a link on another thread in support of Ramfis Dominguez Trujillo for president of the DR in 2020 where a number of invitations for fund raisers were listed. At $100US per person, one would think that the printed literature that the PED (Partido Esperanza Democratica) distributes...
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    I've just read a very brief article(in Spanish) where the Procuraduria General de La Republica, along with other entities, is having a workshop to combat online child pornography.The word "online" was used five times. My question for those who know is: how does the average non-English-speaking...
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    Just when I thought I'd experienced most types of idiocy and insanity in this great country I've returned to, I'm reminded that yes, there is more. A posse of no less than 60 men and women , dressed in western gear, riding Paso Fino horses just paraded past my house in the Colonial Zone. I'm not...
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    Threads in common.

    There are presently two separate but related threads where the issue of age differences between a couple male/female may cause some unintended consequences. My question for anyone willing to chime in is this: what is the age difference that would cause you to raise an eyebrow, or two, and why?
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    Helicopter-flying classes wanted.

    Posting for a retired military gentleman from North Carolina visiting his wife, here in Santo Domingo. He's interested in the availability and cost of helicopter flying classes. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Thai food in Santo Domingo

    My third visit to a brand new Thai restaurant in the Colonial Zone and making a recommendation. If you like great service, a clean environment and really good Thai food, mild, moderate or 🌶 spicy, this is the place for you. Calle El Conde and Calle Jose Reyes, opposite the Politur Tourist...
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    Obtaining cedula...

    Has anyone either applied for a cedula for the first time, or, had it renewed recently in Santo Domingo? I got mine last week and would like to compare/contrast with my experience. Thanks.
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    Value of structure in Zona Colonial

    My dad owns a house on Calle Espaillatt a few blocks from Calle El Conde. He is well up on years and I have to start thinking about what will become of the house once he moves on to the Boca Chica in the sky, if that's the direction he's going. He is married and his wife has no children and I...
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    Student Mob at Work

    YouTube - ATAQUE A LA ESCALERA This happened last night where a relative works in Santo Domingo near the university.
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    Graphic and gory...

    I've just received several photos from the DR of an alleged homosexual killed in San Vicente de Paul. The deceased looks like an attractive and shapely woman with massive breast implants. Some of the photos appear to have been taken at the morgue prior to autopsy. Are those photos being...
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    Information on a technical school

    I have a distant relative who wants to enroll(needs financial assistance) in Kophil-Centro Tecnico de Desarrollo Empresarial,S.A., Avenida Maximo Gomez #29 B, Plaza Gazcue,Suite 510 5to. piso. Does anyone have any information about this school and the quality of their instruction? Any relevant...
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    Something to Offend Everyone...

    What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan What is a Yankee? The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. What is the difference between a Harley and a Hoover ? The position of the dirt bag Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's worth it. What do you see when the...
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    My Recent Trip Through The Lens

    Still on a natural "high" from spending 18 days in the DR, I would like to share a small snapshot of what I saw and experienced. I've posted some photo albums at the following: Feel free to look around and leave comments if you wish. Thanks, Carlos.
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    Gymnastics training in the DR.

    I'm coming back to the DR for 18 days to gather information in order to make some long term plans. I have an interest in visiting any gymnastics training facilities/centers on the island. I would really appreciate any information/leads from anyone who has any knowledge about this topic...
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    Still Rambling...

    It's 6:30pm and there is perceptible change in the make up of the pedestrian traffic, the waiter interrupts me asking if I want another Bohemia, I'm on a rare "writing roll" and I tell him " si como no...traeme otra" A young woman puts a bag on my table, says "perdoneme" and proceeds to...
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    Rambling continued...

    A fine specimen of Dominican womanhood strolls by and one of the three men sitting at the table next to me claps to try and get her attention..she ignores him and walks on. A tall Caucasian male with a shopping bag through which two Barcelo and two Brugal bottle labels can be seen, hagles with a...