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    Dog lost at Punta Cana airport

    Please help find Romus. He escaped from his airport handlers whilst boarding a flight to Belgium at Punta Cana airport on 25 Feb. He was last seen running out of one of the airport entrances. He was wearing this distinctive red harness. If you see him please call the ladies at Collares Rojos on...
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    Thomson (for flights to UK) office in Punta Cana?

    Does anyone have any contact info for a Thomson UK office in Punta Cana - if one exists? I'm trying to get solid info about a complicated flight to the UK (complicated as in direct flight only, with dog and excess baggage). It would be great to be able to speak to a rep in person! ps. I already...
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    temporary to permanent residency

    Is it true that now a temporary residency is only valid for 1 year and must be renewed each year for 4 years before the permanent residency is issued? SORRY, IGNORE THIS POST, JUST FOUND THE ANSWER IN ANOTHER POST.
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    How long to apply for residency visa at DR consulate in country of origin?

    Does any one know how long it takes to apply for residency visa in (1) the US (2) Canada? This would be for a US or Canadian citizen with no Dominican family.
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    apartment rental rights

    I have been renting an apartment since Mar 2010. My contract states it comes with a private garden. That same contract authorized the property owner to be represented by a 3rd party who was acting as apartment complex manager (he no longer holds this position though is still living on site)...
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    best route to Puerto Plata from Santo Domingo?

    How is the old route Autopista Duarte from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata (passing by Santiago)? I haven't been on it since 1998 so curious about road conditions. Coming from SDQ airport, to Puerto Plata, which route would you recommend for a first time (but confident) driver here - Duarte or...
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    overnight stay in Cofressi

    Looking for place to stay overnight in Cofresi. Mum and adult daughter. Budget around US$100 for both. Secure parking. Want to eat evening meal at Los Charros y Los Pinches Chaparros so looking for clean and safe accommodation close by so they won't have to drive/drive far in the dark. Thanks!
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    what a difference a new modem makes!

    Just installed a new modem from Codetel. Our previous Thomson modem was 5 years old and had started annoyingly disconnecting for a few minutes everyday (up to 20 times a day). With the new bog standard Codetel modem our internet speed up and down has doubled and no more signal loss :p
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    Cabo Enga?o beache(s)

    Just to shed some light on the questions about Cabo Enga?o's beaches in the "Investing In Bavaro" thread… A few years back I explored this area thoroughly looking for places to stand up paddle. Here's what I found. Coming from the airport, when you reach the place where you'd turn left to...
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    depositing US 2 dollar bills

    Has anyone had trouble trying to deposit them into a US dollar account here? This morning BanReservas refused to deposit US 2 dollar bills (into my dollar account) unless I deposited them in bundles of 100. I know they are rare but they are legal tender in the US. The manager adamantly refused...
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    Coral Highway to Hospiten/Veron?

    Can anyone tell me if they have made a road from the highway cutting through to Hospiten in Veron?
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    where to go for head gasket replacement?

    I need the head gasket replaced on a Mercury Mountaineer 2002 (hardware is virtually identical to a Ford Explorer). Our La Romana mechanic said the jobs too big for him and he doesn't know how to get hold of these parts locally. Does anyone have the Santo Domingo contact info for the main Ford...
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    turning right on a red light?

    Is it legal to turn right on a red light here? Today I did so and was almost stopped by AMET, luckily they changed their mind and waved me on to target the truck behind which had an unstable load.
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    Apple Mac Center recommendation

    So as luck would have it within the space of 2 days both my MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4 needed repairs. Both are old models purchased abroad, no longer covered under warranty. The MacBook Pro's fans had started making horrid screaming noises. The dvd drive and delete key no longer functioned...
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    Macbook Pro fan repair in Santo Domingo

    My MacBook Pro needs it's fans replacing (they are making horrid, grinding, buzzing noises). I read there's an Apple store on Roberto Pastoriza, do they do repairs too? Do they have a good reputation for servicing and repairs? Will I see my Mac again if I hand it over?
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    Optician with most choice of frame styles

    Which optician in Santo Domingo has the most choice of frame styles? Are there any that do same day glasses? thanks
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    Claro sim card - all contacts disappeared

    All my contacts that were saved on a Claro sim card have suddenly disappeared :( Does anyone know if this is a sim card problem or a phone problem? I currently have no access to another phone on which I could test the sim card.
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    Urgent 0+ blood donations needed

    Gilles, the kiteboarder, who was hurt on Saturday continues to fight for his life and the blood donations have gotten him this far. There are no reserves left ... please, please .. if you are 0+ (male or female) .. go to CMC Sosua ... ask for Marie Jo and tell her that you are here to help...
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    looking for a frozen drinks machine

    Is there anywhere that sells frozen drinks machines? (like the ones that make frozen margaritas). Looking for a 3 or 5 gallon capacity. Or does anyone know of either a catering supplies company in Santo Domingo that may sell them or a bar that has one (so I can ask them where they got theirs from?)
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    Dermatologist Santo Domingo, La Romana or Punta Cana area?

    Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist in the Santo Domingo, La Romana or Punta Cana areas? Preferably one who accepts Humano ARS insurance. Have some dodgey looking moles :-( thanks