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    Dollars or Euros?

    Meet a fella at the swim-up bar that only tipped in (CAD). Staff not pleased. USD is KING... He insisted the CAD was the best currency to travel with. Guess he's the king in PC. lol :LOL:
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    UNIDOS opened Last Week

    Anyone checkout the liquor dept.?
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    Starbucks in Punta Cana

    Oh yes I'm real... Been real on this site since 2015. You must be confused. :unsure:
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    I'm Back

    BobNH here on this forum.
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    I'm Back

    Sorry the name is Bob aka Robert and middle initial is N for Newman & last name is private. no score and no troll.
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    Starbucks in Punta Cana

    Thanks JD. I'll buy you a beer @ da Hard Rock as I'm a member.:cool:
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    I'm Back

    So a lot of 60+year old overweight men are having a grand time in the DR. I'm always looking for fun when @ da Hard Rock pool bar, been doing it for a long time. :love: I like the foam pool party thing. No one can see who got a feel. :ROFLMAO:
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    Starbucks in Punta Cana

    I need to open DD in PC as I'm da Donut king and a Hard Rock member.:ROFLMAO:
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    Afternoon delight at resort.

    Any tips on how to get some young local chick to my room @ HRock for some fun? Need to keep this a low profile deal with resort staff and wife.
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    Anyone offer info on Dr. Nights experience.

    Will your date come to your hotel? Is there another outfit that offers out calls to your resort in Punta Cana?💋 Thx
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    Punta Cana Adult All-Inclusive Hotels

    Hard Rock is my go to... And for full disclosure I'm a TOP dog member hoho:LOL: and it wasn't cheap:ROFLMAO: and I pay them every year more cash for maintenance:poop: You can find me at the pool bar and it's all you can drink:love: or releasing cash to the sports bar & casino multiple times a...
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    Tourist held hostage at Punta Cana hospital

    Wonder if the food and drink is as good as the Hard Rock. I drink all I want at the Hard Rock and often too much... "and often" OK all the time when I'm there:ROFLMAO:
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    Corner Bar Punta Cana (Bavaro)

    Sometimes a Meet & Greet is setup there through TripAdvisor and I get too drunk to go.o_O
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    The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?

    @ the Hard Rock I only use cash for girls.