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    I am willing to bet that some establishment tigres have their sights on that boat
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    Holiday drunk driving traffic stops ?

    Born and raised behind the Iron Curtain I find the Eastern European countries very dangerous, but driving in DR is challenging now to say the the late 90's early 00's it seemed more civil...
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    Shout Out to the Voramar

    Yes, the best schnitzel in Sosua ; and the cabbage salad with tomatoes is just insane
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    Haiti News and Politics
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    Stolen Kidney in DR

    NYC media had it
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    People Illegally Staying in my House

    If you approach this the same way as the drivers in UK handle the "stop the oil" idiots you're in for a long journey...having connections in DR is the way to go in this situation
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    "Rafaela" - good film nobody wants to see.

    The trailer seemed to be trying too hard...was that scene from the trailer filed in Rio San Juan ? Since La Soga, which was a disappointment I didn't bother with a Dominican movie.
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    United Airlines Credit Card

    Speaking of United & credit cards, no credit cards accepted anymore onboard.
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    I paid U$ 2,000 GO Guzman firm back in 2009 ( or around ) ; I wasn't in DR, it wasn't contested etc etc ; I had one meeting at their office in Sosua, I paid half, then I paid the other half when I picked up the final divorce.
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    The Dominican Peso will be 1:1 with the US Dollar Again?

    The DOP "IS" pegged to the USD "just as" HKD or SGD are (different barrios interests rule that) ....let's just say the other cousin, the MXP is at times left to be on it's own (float), yet the DOP, as a "little distant cousin" gets a break. DOP will ride the wave along (behind) the world's...
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    PLEASE HELP -- need advice URGENT !

    Such logic doesn't apply in DR. I hope you left your hotel by now.
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    plz help me understand my dominican gf

    Pat, women have different personalities, yet Dominican women all share one feat ( I repeat, all ) - do google "pariguayo"
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    plz help me understand my dominican gf

    No bueno froggy, sorry papi....Dominican man doesn't do chores, period...he does not do "bring home the bacon and cook it too"
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    DR flights on sale
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    Covid Recovery Certificate

    If you test positive after 14 days you're likely to test positive for longer regardless of how you feel. It's your call how badly do you want (need) to go home, one can fly to Mexico without any requirement, then check with the airline(s) procedures for the next leg.
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    WiFi Security Cameras for House in Sosúa

    I use Eufy wireless, very happy with the gear
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    Where is El Toro

    What happened to the Canadian owner of Pluto's and his lovley dominican wife ? ( post #2 is me).....good old times in Sosua...
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    Helping someone anonymously from the US

    In case that you decide to bypass the anonymity part ( or pay for it if possible with a money order or cash ) many send a barrel from the States full of nonperishable groceries, apparently door delivery. Not too sure what would $50 get...