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    Baby Products - Puerto Plata

    For baby clothing there is Claudili And for baby products like strollers etc there is Jimenez, but not the big one the right side (coming from...
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    Airfare costs main barrier to DR Tourism

    I am already stuck :) The last 10 years I only went to Belgium 2 times, and I am not planning to go back soon :) :)
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    Airfare costs main barrier to DR Tourism

    Here are screenshots of the prices for september and october.....
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    Airfare costs main barrier to DR Tourism

    Idd the airfare costs are high a lot of times. But a lot of people here on the north coast alwayhs think that pop airport is expensive (for taxes etc), but that is not the case. In the article here (it is dutch but you can copy/past in google) a Belgian airline said they stopped flying on punta...
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    Airfare costs main barrier to DR Tourism

    Tuifly, Brussel - Punta Cana, in april between 260 and 460 euro one way for a 9 hour flight....
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    Puerto Plata Stadium

    they have a baseball team: tiburones del norte. They play in the summer league. They were champions a couple of years ago. But indeed it would be good if they would have a team in the winter league again. Anyway, I am European, I go with a lot of friends to Atlantico (the football team) every...
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    Live Music, Billiards

    In casa40 they have live music a lot of times. And in the rooftop bar at the end of the malecon. And you have the concerts in the Anfi-theatre. Sometimes in Blue Jacktar or in Afterwork they zill have live music, but not a lot of times.
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    Thai food in Cabarete

    In Puerto Plata there is a Thai woman that makes Thai food, she doesn't have a restaurant, but she makes it from home and does deliveries.
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    Best _____in Puerta Plata

    1 Papillon 2 ? 3 Tropical bar, not craft beers, but best selections of beers in Puerto Plata, they have a lot of trappist beers and other beers you dont find everywhere else in the Dominican Republic (all Belgian Beers) like Kwak, Chimay, Westmalle, Rochefort, Orval, LA Corne etc
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    Hard Rock Café Puerto Plata?

    Apperently there was a Hard Rock cafe in Playa Dorada before (my wife told me this) and if you look here, I can belief it: My guess would be that the new one comes or in Playa Dorada or in the new shopping centre...
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    Police given access to Migration database

    If I sell drugs in Belgium and I get caught, I only pay a little fine and don't go in jail, If I do that in some other countries, I get put in jail or worse,.... But that doesn't mean that if in one country you can get away with something illegal by paying a little amount and in another country...
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    Police given access to Migration database

    Like in every country.... If I as an European go as a tourist with an esta to the USA and decide to stay there, it is the same.
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    Computer repair shop Recommendations Puerto Plata

    I bought my laptop there, it was a good price. But that was the only time
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    Jumbo Expansion

    We are in the topic North Coast.....
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    Price of land in the North coast?

    Lol, that will be so different all over the North Coast. I mean only here in Puerto Plata for example (not taking into account the gated communities), the price of for example in jardines del atlantico (close to the Malecon) is at least 3 or 4 times higher than in for example cero alta. Let...
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    Yes indeed. We get some extra tourists, the ones that don(t take a taxi but explore themselfs, or in my case tourists that are in to tasting special beers, but that is not much, lets say a couple of people every couple of weeks. But Dominicans and expats who work with the cruise ships, spend a...
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    I agree 100% :)
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    Thanks to the cruise ships yes. Most of them only go to some places (where the taxi drivers get money), some go to other places, but the main thing is that more people in pop now have money and they spend it in the other places. (like for example when I opened my bar 10 years ago, on Sunday...
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    Jolly Roger only $399K in Sosua

    I never said they were upscale tourism. (just like a lot of businesses on the beach in Belgium). But the fact is that 1) you pay for the view/place and 2) the rent is most of the times more expensive in those places than in the centre of a town. It is just like in an airport, I always hear...