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    The case of the 16 Haitians found dead in Pedernales

    This is going to be another blow for the DR in Human Rights and Amnesty International. Here is how we are looking in the points Cespedes, as usual is making noise on TV. This guy is a clown, some kind of puppet. Even though some of the bodies were...
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    Dengue in the Cibao, is this the West Nile virus?

    I read and heard the Dengue epidemic, or virus is already causing havoc in the Cibao. As usual the authorities give a rap about this. Is this the same as the West Nile virus? Has anyone heard something? Please, shed some light Aj
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    Sad News !

    The Dominican government is acquiring Union Penosa. Union Penosa will be handled by the CDE again! Who will benefit from this? To whom has the government promised the High Voltage business in exchange for support on next year Mass Murder Elections. Even though Mejia did the Capa Perro...
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    Why? The Transparence in DR Justice

    I have been reading and following the Baninter saga for a couple of months. It is a very nice Dantesque comedy where all parties involved claim that they will demostrate to the country thru the dominican justice they are inocent. I laugh and rage in my cage when I see this. Actually even Pepe...
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    Here it is, La Gran Verdad!

    Era de noche, Salia el Sol. Un ciego leia bajo la luz de una lampara apagada. Un elefante brincaba de flor en flor. Senti miedo, mire al horizonte. Venia un cadaver sobreviviente solo, acompa?ado de dos. Saque mi cuchillo de papel, sin mango, sin cabo, sin vaina. Le di una estocada al...
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    Attention Windows Users with Virus

    Dear All, Please, be careful with your machines these days and the new two viruses: W32.Blaster.Worm LOVE YOU SAN (LovSAN) For more info HTH
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    Dominican embassy in Canada has gone mad!

    This is it! I had it. I just got the news of my life here in Canada. My buddy, who is Kiwi (new zelander) is coming down with me to the DR for 2 weeks to do community work in Samana and its area this coming sunday. This afternoon he called to book the tickets with Sunquest and he was told...
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    Father Rogelio, what do you think of him?

    Dear All, Positive a 100 % that everyone on these Forums have read about the Father Rogelio and his adventures, negotiator, community leader, and now organizer of the " Torch of hunger", his confrontations with police, so on and so far; I would like to know what do do you generally think of...
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    Racist site or what?

    To all of you Dominicanos Miserables, and Dominican-Yorks, I want to tell you and ask you; 1- Who the **** do you think you are to be blaming haitians here in your little racist nest? Really, to all of you who lived or are still living in the USA, and got there one way or the other ( legal...
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    Question about overstaying in the D.R.?

    Dear All, Firstable, I wanna thank you all for your daily inputs in this Forums, because they do make a big and good way of communication. Xmas. To the point, does any of you know if passed your tourist status in the DR, 3 months; Are you to pay a fine when leaving? Or,is it random ransom? I...
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    Who's dominican?

    Dear All, This is another hot ball rolling on the DR soil right now, and not an easy nut to crack because nobody is ready to face this and make an official statement. Should Dominican authorities grant nationality to sons of illegal Haitian immigrants born on Dominican soil.? Thanks for your...
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    OS installation, and other other software!!

    OS installation, and other software!! Dear All, Generally speaking, I was wondering if someone knows, or have heard how computer users in the DR get software installed? Meaning OS ( Windows base), and other Microsoft applications? I know that normally a certified copy of XP is about $400.00...
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    Will Hippo be re-elected?

    This is just a question for those who want to express their thoughts about it.