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    Earthquake in DR today???

    Magnitude 4.0 - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
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    Orgullosamente Sancristobalense

    My own town, Cant be prouder!! Orgullosamente Sancristobalense YouTube - Orgullosamente Sancristobalense
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    2minicanos en rusia

    Subject: DOMINICANOS EN RUSIA DOS Dominicano EN RUSIA!!! Van dos Dominicanos de visita a Rusia y uno de ellos le pregunta al otro ?y como vamos a pedir la comida? > El otro le responde: dejam? eso a mi y tu veras como, yo me entiendo con los rusos. > Llama al mesero y le dice...
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    Mesa de Domino/Domino Playing Table - Where??

    Im looking for a Domino Table online and I cant find one! anybody know where i can get one? online or storefront - in in central/north Jersey... thanks!! is there a DR1 marketplace?? I've been away for so long, Im not even sure what else has been added here :o)
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    ESL /Learning another language - Need advice

    Hello all! I need your help? I am trying to buy an interactive language program for my husband to learn English. He is currently going to school but we both feel it is too slow (1.5hr for 3 days a week). So he wants to get something like Rosetta Stone that he can do at home for a longer period...
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    La Fiesta Del Chivo/Feast of the Goat

    Hello my DR1 family!! long time no post... Anybody read this book in English? Is it worth it? or should I just buy the Spanish version period? Thanks!
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    Talldrink's Hubby's Visa - APPROVED!!

    Wanted to tell all that my husband?s visa was approved last Tuesday. He is due to arrive the US next week, cant wait!!
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    Divorce - without consent?

    I just heard a story and need some validation from someone who may know for sure. This guy lives is in FL and the wife moved to DR. Supposedly the guy got a divorce in the USA and just sent her the final decree to the DR ? she is saying that the divorce has been granted and is final. However...
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    New Apts/Complex/Construction/Investments?

    Hola DR1! - Long time no post, I had officially become a lurker after all these years! I have a question regarding real estate in DR. With so many new apartment building construction going on in DR - any specific up and coming areas I can be on the lookout for? The last Residencial I had some...
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    Dinner in Santo Domingo week of 10/25

    Hi guys, I'll be in Santo Domingo the week of 10/25 - can we have another get-together? Maybe Friday, 10/30 - I know most of you work over there. So suggest a place, if you leave it up to me, I'll always have dinner at Adrian Tropical - LOL We should also do Karioke - so lets make is fun...
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    Dr1 singles meet?

    I have an idea but first I need to know who on here is single? I have some friends who are nice looking women, professional, pretty and are fun ? however, because they CHOOSE NOT to hook with just any Crazie, they are single. (NOTE: whoever has met me at any DR1 get-together either in DR or...
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    Talldrink's getting married!!

    So I finally found my cup and in DR nonetheless!! I thought I'd share with my 'other' family and friends on here since I'll be readin ALOT on the green card process and all that good stuff... This August - cant wait!! :bunny::bunny:
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    Resort Help? Need to choose!

    Never stayed in a resort in Puerto Plata, have anyone of been to any of these? Thanks!! Sosua by the Sea Boutique Beach Resort Luperon Beach Resort - All Inclusive Allegro Playa Dorada - All Inclusive Casa Marina Beach & Reef an Amhsa Marina Resort All Inclusive Celuisma Tropical Playa Dorada -...
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    NYC Get together - again!

    DR1-ers of the tri-state area!! My friend is visiting so we need to take her out on the town. Those of you who came to the Talldrink DR1 BBQ in 07 remember her... Can we try again, maybe March 6 in the Bronx like we tried before?
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    Help for deported Dominican going to Canada or Europe

    Someone I know is deported in DR and is in talks trying to get to Canada. If this is possible, how hard is it to get employment in Canada? Where is the most concentration of Dominicans or where should this person go? Any suggestions? I know of many deported Dominicans that end up in Europe as...
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    TD in DR - Gathering in SD week of Jan 5?

    Hello all! I will be in Santo Domingo the week of January 5 - can we get together in the city again? Who's in town? AZ - Can you come up to Santo Domingo that week? Last time I went to Santiago I missed you altogether. Maybe we can try again? NYC Crew - sorry about last week, but I hibernated...
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    Sushi? Where?

    Where can I get good sushi in both Santo Domingo and Santiago? Also, in general is it very expensive? I.e. a specialty roll here can range from $16-26, any examples you can give me? Thanks!
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    Visitadores Medicos in DR

    I hear many different aspects of this profession in DR. In the states, this is a very lucrative job (I work in pharma myself). Here you get a car, paid expenses, trips, bonuses, kickers, etc... ALOT of money to be made and you are basically working on your terms and on your own the whole time...
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    Article - Too successful for a mate?

    Full Article: http:// For some time I thought that this was a Dominican Man's issue, but after my divorce and with time I now know better. This article has many good points that I totally agree...
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    Habichuelas con dulce (sweet beans)

    I LOVE habichuelas con dulce, and all the other home-made Dominican 'sweets' that I had growing up: dulce de leche, coco con leche, dulce de cereza, dulce de naranja, etc. Even juices are hard to get here: like morir so?ando and others. But growing up in a predominently black area, I couldnt...