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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Patience. With a more infectious strain of Covid spreading, caution is always the best route in an epidemic. The vaccines are starting to flow. I have two daughters in medical school and they just had their first rounds. It's going to take a few months to satiate demand and by then...
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    Any DR1er Infected With Coronavirus/Covid-19?

    I had it. I probably caught it in February returning from the DR to Minneapolis. In the airport and the plane, there were travelers coming back from Europe as the epidemic took hold. I had a nasty headache for a few weeks, but the longer term effects were much worse as I seem to have the...
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    Lesbian meet up?

    Not north coast?
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    Lesbian meet up?

    Is there a lesbian meet up spot in Puerto Plata? Err, asking for a, ..., friend.
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    exchange rate

    DR has a floating rate although the government does their best to keep is reasonably consistent so not to shock the economy. Just google "dr pesos to usd" and they will give you a nice graph. 58.45 pesos to 1 $ by that source. Click on 5Y to see this graph: That big drop was a killer...
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    New Traffic Regs.

    You could assume that it changed and then only live long enough to die by moto. o_O
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    North Coast Beach Hours

    Quick question: I understand that the Puerto Plata Malecon is closed at 3pm, but what about other beaches? Same deal or different hours?
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    Youngest deputy presents bill that would outlaw child marriage

    I'd second this. There is a lot of pressure on teenage women to either "help" the family (usually through informal prostitution) or to marry to get out the house. Oftentimes, they are just unceremoniously kicked out of the house and then need to find a means to support themselves. Or...
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    See'n is believe'n. Projects take a long time when they are built on hopes and dreams.
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    Sosua Police/Noise Hotline

    Ear plugs.
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    Sosua - Welcome to the Red Zone - Sosua

    Is it open?
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Looks like a nice weekend on tap.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    I suspect that I'll be toasting the happy couple in a few days.
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    Cocaine seized in La Romana

    I wouldn´t call it failed as it appears to be working just like any other attempt at prohibition. Apparently, some people like having high prices and a legal means to eliminate competition at somebody else´s expense.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    Sucks for Belize.
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    Drugs camouflaged in scooters would have been shipped to Miami

    True. The cynic in me thinks that it's probably somebody throwing a bone to DNCD or DNCD taking out the competition.
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    Drugs camouflaged in scooters would have been shipped to Miami

    Drug interdiction: 8 kilos. Smugglers: 70 metric tons/year / 365 day = 191kilos/day. So, this bust is ~4% of the daily rate. Numbers were really hard to find. I had to go dig in a dea drug report to even come up with crude numbers...
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    He lost his job over a cup of coffee

    Sounds like droid rage.
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    He was re-infected 4.5 months after his first infection, so that's consistent with immunity lasting about 90 days. Even a 90 day vaccine would be useful for frontline staff and maybe would even be effective for exposed individuals. Not ideal, but not useless either. Part of vaccine design...