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    Cassation process - problem with emplazamiento

    My wife won in first and appeal, the other part went on cassation. At home in Santo Domingo, they received (we live abroad) a document called notificacion de memorial de casacion y emplazamiento. My wife's family put the document in a drawer and it's now that we are informed. Is the case lost...
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    Finding the owner of a piece of land in Santo Domingo

    Hello, how can I find the owner of a piece of land in the capital (Santo Domingo Oeste) ? I purchased a piece of parcel from the UASD many years ago, recently the neighbour (which is on same parcel) made a deslinde when I wasn't in the country, and sold his house to somebody who is now buidling...
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    Where to buy shop fittings/display units etc in Sto Dgo?

    Hi, Anybody knowing where I can find suppliers of shop displays and stuff like that in Santo domingo. I am looking for metal wall panels and hooks: thanks for any info. Barnab?
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    Where in santo domingo to see Chelea vs Paris soccer game?

    Thanks Barnab?
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    Business school student - How to find a training course

    Hello, My 20yr old daughter is in her 3rd year in a french business School. She is spending her 3rd year in Argentina, with Universidad Pontifica de Buenos Aires. She needs to find a training course for this summer and she would like to do it in Santo Domingo. She speaks fluent spanish and...
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    Leon Jimenes 300 Corona availability and price in the DR

    Hi, First, my best wishes to everybody for 2014. I don't know zilch about cigars. I was asked if I can find the cigars mentioned above in the DR, and if yes, which price should I pay? I am not sure if there are two sizes, the corona and small corona size, in which case it would probably be...
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    Labor law: sanction for employer not paying minimum wage?

    An other question about labor law: there is a minimum wage but apparently, many employers, including in the formal sector, do not respect it. Are there any sanctions for companies not paying the minimum wage? Do employees have a possibility to demand the company? Thanks, Barnabe
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    Labor law: if an employee resigns does he get "liquidacion"?

    An employee has had a job for 5 years. He is unhappy and wants to resign. The company tells him that if he resigns, he will not get the "liquidacion". He was not 'liquidated" yearly. Is it legal? Do you have to be laid off to get liquidacion? Thanks, Barnab?
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    Money Exchange with Banco Central - bolivares de Venezuela

    The Central Bank publishes every day a list of their exchange rates when they buy foreign currencies. Does somebody recently sell with them? I did it once but it was 15 years ago or more, I don't know if they still have a "ventanilla" for currency exchange. Their list feature about a dozen of...
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    SD: what's best, house or apartment?

    I have a question for those of you who live in SD (or Santiago, since this is a big city also): Do you live in a house, or in an apartment? What option do you think is best, from your experience? I know there are many issues to consider (costs, security, transportation, location, resale...
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    Rental deposit with the Banco Agricola

    I posted here, not sure it shouldn't have gone in the legal. I am about to rent a shop I have in SD. The lawyer (my lawyer) tells me he will deposit the 2 month deposit in the Banco Agricola. I know this is what the law says but I have never done this (I used to cash in the deposit because when...
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    Software outsourcing - Business Application development

    Browsing the web for outsourcing solutions, I find an info on labor costs on the website of a software company in DR Tarifa por Hora Project Manager/Architect U$20.00 Analyst/Senior Developer U$15.00 Junior Developer U$10.00 The company apparently has reputable clients. What do you think...
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    Shalom amigos

    following info in the dr1/calendar section, for those who might be interested, here is a link: where they can see the webdoc produced by the French National Institute of Audiovisual Archives on the story of the migration of Jewish refugees to Sosua during the Second World War. There is...
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    Looking for vacation rental in SD

    Hi everybody, My wife is looking for an apartment/house to rent in central Santo Domingo, for 3 weeks-1 month in May. This is a serious inquiry, no orgy, no porn shooting etc..:tired:. She needs for 3 adults and one young kid, 3 bedrooms if possible. Any idea someone? Thanks, Barnab?
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    Frank Reyes and Hector Acosta in Paris!

    MAY 2nd in Saint Denis (Paris, France) Frank Reyes and El Torito for the first BACHATAZO in France!:bunny: La nuit de la bachata Barnab?
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    Land title/inheritance

    Hi, My wife and her sisters inherited land from her mother. This is countryside land which has been in the family for more than 50 years now. What is the process to get a title (sacar un titulo) on this land? There is no official purchase act on most of the land. What is the process of...
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    mortgage loan interest rates

    Hi everybody, is it possible to find in DR a loan in USD secured by a mortgage on Dominican property (loan being 20% of the property value) and what is the current interest rate? The scotiabank says rate in pesos is 24% a year but I see in DR news loans rates are dropping. Any comment would...
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    Advice on planta needed

    Hi, I am willing to buy a 16kw not canopied John Deere Diesel power generator (new). Dealer wants 270.000 RD$. Any comment on John Deere or price most welcome. Thank you, Barnab?
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    Is there a bookshop in SD

    where I could find : codigo de comercio, codigo tributario, codigo de trabajo ? Thank you, Barnab?
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    Pa lante que va la RD

    I am back from a 10 days stay in SD. I had not been there since last April. What a change.. I am a bit surprised when I see all the boards only negative comments about the situation. Of course prices remain high. When translated into dollars or (in my case) euros they are very high. If you are...