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    2 week rental

    Looking to get away from the AI's, looking for clean, safe, air conditioned, pool, 1 bed, with cooking facilities in PP/Sosua area any recommendations??
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    decision Immigration Canada

    Could any of you who have recently had your interviews and were given the 3 months to provide more documents. Have you checked your status online to see what it says?? Thanks
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    Interviews - Re: Immigration Canada

    Wishing everyone all the best next week during our interviews as we look forward to completing our timelines and FINALLY being able to start our lives as every married couple should! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LAWYERS - Don't - Immigration Canada

    Unfortunatley it was our mistake hiring a lawyer to help with our process I had just wanted to make sure that all our paperwork was totally complete with no errors so that we would have not delays. I have had more than enough help here on DR1 who are more informative than the lawyer. You do not...
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    Medical expiring re: Immigration Canada

    After much discussion with my DOMINICAN (easy going, laid back, not in a rush) husband I need some back up here please! - His medical expires April 14/09 I am asking him to redo his medical now so that is doesn't hold the process up any longer?? Any advice from others would be much appreciated...
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    April Interviews for Canadian PR- Santo Domingo..

    Just heard from my MP after email from Haiti they said they would be holding interviews in Santo Domingo late April but on Friday they had told her early April - so who knows? I just wanted all of you who have been asked for an interview to know this info.
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    No Immigration Canada

    After 4 weeks of waiting for the call to pick up the passport, I contacted my MP who got in touch with Haiti. We were informed today that they now decided they want to interview my husband and that they sent back the passport which he has not recieved or has not been notified to come pick it up...
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    Recieved call from the Canadian Embassy

    Wow I am in complete shock, the embassy called today and asked for my husband to drop off his passport, I really cannot believe it!
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    DHL or UPS ? re-shipping documents to Haiti

    Could I have some input on whether you would use DHL or UPS for sending documents to Haiti? Thanks
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    We got mail from Haiti!

    Hello all, we heard from immigration today asking for more proof of relationship! Has anyone else been asked if you and your spouse have a bank account together - and how can we if he is not in Canada??
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    Any news? Re- members waiting for Visa to Canada

    From those of us who are waiting, just wondering if anyone has heard ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL??? Fireman - any news for you??
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    In Process.....question about Immigration Canada

    Hello All, I have been following the DR1 Visa threads for quite some time and it has been extrememly helpful to me. My question is - I have been approved as a sponsor July 31, 2008, Is it to early for the PR to read "IN PROCESS"?