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    good neighbourhoods near sosua

    I know you're getting sick of me LOL..but as the "great DonP. " has suggested Sosua is not THE best place to raise a child. We are familiar with the town so plan to rent there when we first move to get to know the island. I have heard Las Terranas is great but a bit pricey and the school only...
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    Investing in Local Bank certificate?

    Maybe its hogwash, but just read a site talking about the high interest rates paid on local bank certificates of deposit denominated in pesos...any takes on this?? Thanks :)
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    Children/teen entertainment

    Hi, planning to move in next couple of years with my then 9 year old. Was wondering about kids clubs, gymnastics, museums, concert venues..anything of the like that you know of for young people?? Thanks for the info :)
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    to import or not to import?

    Hi all! Can anyone tell me about their experiences importing their personal belongings from another country? I know many officials are on the take and have heard horror stories of people waiting for their shipping containers for years! I really want to bring mammy of our creature comforts and...
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    New to the group!

    Hi, you're probably going to be hearing alot from me in the months to come. My husband and I are planning on retiring within the next 2 years in Sosua with my 7 year old daughter. He is 50 and I am 44, we are hoping to start some type of small business there. I plan on sending my daughter to...