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    Permanent Residency Renewal

    Has anyone written a definitive guide to DIY residency renewal yet that is proven to work? I ask as my residency is now due for renewal and I want to do it without a lawyer if it's reasonably simple. I have had residency since 2005/6 I have heard that I will need: 1) Buena Conducta 2) Letter...
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    Playero sold to Santiago firm??

    A reliable source tells me Supermercado Playero is sold or is being sold to a company from Santiago. Anybody else hear anything similar? Maybe the upcoming competition from Super Pola is a daunting prospect.
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    Apple Cider Vinegar slimming Tablets, Puerto Plata

    My wife used to take these a couple of years ago, they seemed very good and she wants some more, does anyone know where I can get these in or around Puerto Plata?? They are Far Eastern in origin, and we want the Apple Cider Vinegar version, not the cheaper fruit extract ones that I can easily...
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    Suspected thief who has been robbing in La Mulata arrested

    APRESAN PRESUNTO LADRON DE LA MULATA. | Noticias ENN Looks like they got him, he was lucky not to have been shot like the last two, I guess they picked him up somewhere a bit more public.
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    To the owner of Baileys restaurant

    Is the owner of Baileys in Sosua active on this forum? I would to message them privately concerning a meal we bought there last night and would prefer not to do so in an open forum.
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    Playero, BEWARE cautionary tale

    Bought a large joint of "Matured" topside of beef roast for Sunday dinner (British thing, hard to explain). RD$556, not exactly cheap, btw. OK purchased it on Saturday put in fridge, in Sunday pull it out to marinade, cover in Mustard, Garlic etc and noticed a bit of an unpleasant pong but put...
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    Importing Renewable Energy Items

    Hi.A few years ago it was reported that the importation of renewable energy items (wind turbines,solar panels etc.) was to be made free of import tax/duty. Does antone know if this actually happened and if so what are the proccedures to go about ensuring that any container of this sort of stuff...
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    Animal Cruelty at the New Life School, Sosua

    I am a resident of Sosua, where I have lived with my family since 2005. I am familiar with local customs and culture, having had a business and home here for the last 5 years. I have full legal residency here. Yesterday my wife and I were driving down the Lamulata road, passed the New Life...
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    Wind/Solar surplus power selling to grid

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to sell surplus power to the grid in the DR like in Europe via a grid tie inverter? In the UK for example the electricity companies are forced to purchase all such energy, effectively making the grid an infinetely large battery bank for the producer. Can...