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    The Juan Dolio post remined me of the DR1 member potus? He used to post videos. What has happened to him? He hasn't posted in over a year.
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    William Webster Has Passed, R.I.P.

    My sympathies to his family and friends. May he rest in eternal peace. I will miss his presence on DR1.
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    Wishing Alter Ego Well

    Good luck with the surgery and recovery.
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    Remembering DR1'ers

    Good question. Most likely he is still developing skyscrapers in Juan Dolio. LOL
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    Remembering DR1'ers

    I did enjoy reading his real-life stories. Probably the most realistic description of living a typical Dominican daily life.
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    AlterEgo: Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday AE!
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    Santo Domingo Move Out

    I have rented 3 apartments in the DR. I never got any deposit back. I had been told by my friends to not expect the deposit to be paid when I left so I didn't let it bother me. All three of my landlords were Spainards. What I learned is that Spainards are more ruthless and money grabbing than...
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    Happy Birthday to Weatherman Mike Fisher!

    Happy Birthday Mike! Thanks for all of your weather reports.
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    R. I. P. Whirleybird

    She was a great contributor to DR1 for many years. My sympathies to her family and friends. May she rest in eternal peace.
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    Martha Stewart photographed in DR for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

    Kudos to her for having the guts to do that at her age. You guys are bad. Of course, the picture is photoshopped. It would be photoshopped even if it were a 19-year-old. Geesh Seriously? My body has changed a lot with age, but my ears are still the same size.
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    Any Institutions in La Romana to learn English

    I don't have any particular names. IMO It is best to find someone who teaches English, either at a school or a company. Hire them as a private teacher. They usually do not make much money. They are willing to work to earn more money on the side. Ask around for recommendations.
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    Dominican resort rates vs Tourist resort rates

    The rates are negotiable for Dominicans and residents of the DR. I always got very low rates when I lived there. I would go to or directly call the resort I was interested in to get the discounts. Day passes also. If they were not familiar with me, I would have to give proof of residence. A rent...
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    Very Sad News…MountainAnnie Has Passed

    God bless her soul in heaven. She sure was a blessing to many during her lifetime. She added a lot of content to DR1.
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    End of Life Scenario

    God be with him and his family. RIP
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    DR to be first country in the region to have a charging station for electric vehicles

    Go to the cabanas they are building next door. ;-)
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    Pedro Guzmán Bencosme has passed away

    My sympathies to his family and friends. May he rest in eternal peace.
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    Dangers of propane

    Do a lot of cars in the DR still use propane? It was quite common a few years ago. I saw many cars, vans, trucks and buses totally burned on the side of the highways. They even had many propane gas stations for cars. It was common for people to convert their vehicles to propane.
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    Musicians who are not legal residents getting paid for gigs in the DR - is that legal?

    Windeguy, It would be quicker and more efficient to call Guzman to get your answer.
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    Annoying Dominican Habits

    Water faucets turning backwards for on and off. This one got me into a big mess soon after hurricane George. In the morning I had electricity and water. Soon after starting a wash in the kitchen sink the power and water went off. I knew it would be off for several hours so went to the mall where...
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    Reporting blackmail and attemped extorsion

    His story is BS too. People keep amusing him by responding. These bullshitters remind me of the old made up sanky stories back in the day. LOL