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    Rushton's Theory of differences in penis size may explain the HAITI/DR issues !

    Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length and circumference and r-K life published by The University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK, (see link beneath) could help explain the issues between the two nations. Haitians on average have a penis of approx 16.01 cm, superior to...
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    Press Release: The Dominican Bar Association Condemns The Recent Decision By The Domi

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    Protest all over the world against the discrimating decision of the DR Supreme Courts

    PRESS RELEASE - New-York October 17th: Haitian Diaspora Announce Protest at Dominican Consulate against the court decision that stripped Million of Dominican of their CitizenshipBROOKLYN, NEW YORK? The Haitian Diaspora for Civic and Human Rights (HDRHR) in coalition with other civic...
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    Dominicans Presidents Of Haitian origin

    Dominicans Presidents Of Haitian origin The antagonism which opposes the Dominican Republic to Haiti has never been able to break the bonds of ancestry who were enrolled in the annals of the history of these two peninsulas . They are initially underestimated by Dominican historians often take...
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    Grammy Award Winner Wyclef Jean to the rescue of Dominicans of Haitians decent !

    Bachata stateless : Wyclef Jean raises his voice to sing the saga of humiliation The star Wyclef Jean has released a test -pressing to position himselves in the camp of the Haitian diaspora wounded in the Dominican Republic. " Natasha Bachata " is the title of this song that some already...
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    How Haiti can fight back against the New Court Order !

    Haiti should ban all undocumented individuals from entering the country as a matter of "National Security ". Haiti as no obligation to automatically assume that an individual is Haitians based on his physical characteristics or even on the language spoken. Off course , if they have the proper...
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    Are Adult Webcam Studio's Illegal in DR?

    I have a friend who is interested in opening an Adult Webcam Studio in DR. He already owns and operates several Webcam Studios in Canada. All his models are adults and he clearly as no intentions of engaging in any form of prostitution or any other type of illegal activity. I read a few weeks...
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    What is the best Way to fly from SDQ to SXM ST-Marteen

    Hi, Can any one tell me what is the cheapest and most direct way to fly to either SXM St-Maarteen or SFG Saint-Martin from Santo Domingo. Thanks
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    Need an Experienced English Speaking Nanny

    A friend of mine in DR, who is a diplomate, ask me if I could help him recruit an English speaking nanny experienced with infant care. His wife is having her baby in June and he wants someone with competence. Does any one know of any professional agencies or school in the DR for Infant care...
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    "Privilegio del Vendedor No Pagado" Vs "Hypoteca"

    I am selling a condo to someone and agreed to finance him. His lawyer is suggesting I get a "Privilegio del Vendedor No Pagado". My lawyer thinks I should get a mortgage. The Buyer is threatening not to go throught with the deal if he as to pay the fees to register the mortgage ! What are the...
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    What are the countries who issue visas the easiest to Dominicans nationals?

    I understand that to obtain a tourist visa for the US or Canada for a Dominican it is preferable that he as already traveled to other countries and as been issued previous visas. Can any one advise me in there opinion what are the countries who issue visas easily to Dominican nationals? Thks.
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    Traveling to Haiti by car

    What are the requirements to travel to Haiti by car? I am traveling to Haiti by car, Can any one tell me if I need to pre register my car with customs or Police in Santo Domingo, before crossing the border? I have heard of people that have been turned back because they did not have the proper...
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    How to find a reputable Bodyguard Agency In Santo Domingo

    I am looking for an experienced Bodyguard/Driver. I rather use a reputable agency. Does any one have any recommendations ? Thanks
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    Looking for IT professionals

    Can anyone tell me how to go about hiring IT professionals, software engineers, specialist in PHP/Mysql in Santo Domingo? We represent an International Software Development company and not sure these type of skills are available locally. Are there any universities in the DR that trains...
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    Guzman Ariza office

    At the risk of reveling my anonymity on this forum. I am happy to say that I have finally been to Guzman Ariza offices in SD. I wish I had been there sooner... There service was impeccable! The lawyer I meat with was very professional, spoke perfect English and seem well inverse in American and...
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    S.O.S. Dr. Guzman!

    I recently brought a lot in SD from an Association. The purchase contract was very standard stipulating that I was buying the land for the purpose of building an "Edificio of quatro niveles". I found out this week that the "Tierra" was bad and after diggin up to 20 feet, the structural engeneer...
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    Construction Project in Santo domingo

    I know I can find help on just about anything on DR1. So let me give this a shot. I am in the pre-construction phase . Can any one tell me how much should it cost to clean the land and remove dirt to level the lot? (size 5000sq meter.)
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    Dominican Citizenship

    I already have my permanent residence and want to apply for my citizenship. Can someone tell me how much I should expect to pay and how long will it take before I become a full citizen. I have already invested close to US$2000.00 with the same lawyer who help me get my residency. Unfortunately...
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    Dominican Drivers License

    For the last time can someone help me get this straight??? First- I go to the Dominican Consulate in Toronto to get my Canadian drivers license translated and authenticated. Second-I go to the Chanceleria in Santo Domingo to notorize this document. Third-I go to DGTT with those documents, pay...
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    Christmas in Santo Domingo

    I am bringing my whole family down for Christmas . Any one can suggest a luxurious restaurant (price is not an obstacle) for Christmas eve. I am hoping for some kind of Entertainement... Some one recommended We go to Hamaca, any other choices??? Also where can I rent a boat or a yatch for the...