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    Entry Requirements to DR

    Hello all - I'm hoping that someone can help me out...or help me help out my friend. My friend is traveling to the DR with her husband and child this Sunday but is now unsure if she has the proper documents to enter the DR. She's talked to her travel agent and the airline but apparently they...
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    VHS Format in the DR

    Does anyone know what is the most common VHS format used in the DR - PAL or NTSC? Muchas gracias!
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    Altos de Chavon - Concert Tickets

    Does anyone know where you can purchase tickets for concerts playing at Altos de Chavon in La Romana? Is there a website or do they have a ticket office? Thanks, Wendy
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    Applying for Visitor's Visa vs. Permanent Resident Visa

    I have a question to ask on behalf of a friend of mine who wants his Dominican girlfriend to apply for a Visitor's Visa to Canada. Yes, I have warned him that the chances of that happening is close to nothing and have asked him to check out DR1 to get more info and find out that I'm just not...
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    Hello! I just wanted some clarification on the time it takes to get a Dominican Passport. Below is the info they have posted on the Direcci?n General de Pasaportes website: Costo Normal. RD$1,500.00 (ENTREGA EN 6 DIAS LABORABLES) Costo VIP. RD$2,500.00 (ENTREGA El MISMO D?A) My question...
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    A Great DR Investment???

    I just got a PM from someone named Lutz Meyerding a.k.a. fishing-strip about investing in his business. Sounds like a big scam to me and I don't buy into it at all! Just wondering if this person is sending this to random DR1 members. Did anyone else get the PM?
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    Looking for a bachata song...

    Hola everyone! Quick question...I'm trying to find a bachata song. I think the artist's name is Jimmy Power (spelling?)...if so, I've never heard of him so not sure if I even have the right artist. And I think the title of the song is Todo Amor or Todo Lamor. I've searched Google and tried...
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    Aventura - Montreal/Toronto June Dates

    So I thought I'd just check-in and see if anyone has any info on what's going on yet with these concert dates. To be honest, I could care less to go anymore since it seems to me like a big scam considering Aventura has cancelled on their last few appearances to Canada. The last update we got...
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    DR Address/Phone Directory

    Might be a stupid question but I'll ask anyway... Does anyone know if there's an online White Pages Directory for the DR, similar to or I've tried to search but I've only found Yellow Pages listings. :ermm:
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    Aventura Back in Canada - December 2006

    This is my my first post in the forum so a big 'HOLA' to all of you! Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop for those who are interested. Aventura will be in Toronto on December 16th and in Montreal on December 17th. No venues have been confirmed for either dates yet though. Would have...