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    I’m back!

    Hello everyone, i’ve Been away for so many years now. I got sick, almost died and moved three times since I last posted!!! But I’m back??????take care and God bless you all DR1, beat Panama ????????????!!! Ja Ja Ja...
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    Dominicans in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hello, Everyone! Okay, this may be for just my own purposes I guess. I saw on Facebook and some other post of Dominicanos en Las Vegas, I even know that there are two of us that work in my casino. But Nevada/Las Vegas Dominicanos, where you guys at? I see a lot of one person here, one person...
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    Duarte La Pelicula (Duarte The Movie) El Hombre de los sue?os, (The man of Dreams)

    Hello everyone, how are you all? Okay I looked around at a lot of different topics and wasn't really sure where to post this or to inquire about it. Since I didn't find a true category for this subject I decided to post it here and since I don't know if someone has started this thread or not, I...
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    WBC(World Baseball Classic) and world baseball rankings

    I have been watching news and reading articles about the upcoming World baseball classic and seeing the world baseball teams rankings. Now I know we were sadly mistaken by these ranking last WBC when the Netherlands beat our team twice and some say they were the number one ramked team at the...
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    Best place to travel/visit/vacation?

    Hola a todos! Hello everyone! I am sure that someone has posted on this before but being lazy or not having enough time to explore all the pages here I decided to do it for myself also. I was recently in a debate with a few friends that are from the Philippines and of course Patriots to there...
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    Rosetta Stone? good deal or don't bother

    So My spanish is terrible, I can and do speak spanish with a lot of my friends and of course on other sites when I am typing. But I have ordered Rosetta Stone to try and improve my speaking ability. The two problems that I have encountered with it are; 1. You need to have a spanish speaking...
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    Danilo Medina's Monday's Presidential Message?

    Presently, I live in a small town in Mississippi and don't have access to Dominican Republic television shows, our cable providers don't have it and most cable providers aren't offered here. Anyway, I know I will find it later on Y tube, but is there any link or site to watch live? Thanks for...
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    Lost Taino Tribe

    i hope this is the right place to post this, cause it is the closest to the subject that I could find. Anyways, I recently joined this group and it is LOST TAINO TRIBE - SHARE TAINO FACTS, MYTHS AND "TRUTHS" I know that Dominicanos are proud and most of us still have taino blood, even some say...
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    Presidente Beer in the US?

    I have looked around the world it seems, on the internet, at local beer and wine stores and a host of other sites. So I decided to come here and try. :( Does anyone know if it is possible to get access or buy or any options of obtaining El Presidente in the United States, and in particular in...
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    Kinda New Here?

    Hi, I been on the site a few years. Well on and off, I post a few times and I just wanted to say hi and thanks to all for the helpful information. I have a few questions still I can't find the answers too, but these are like looking for a needle in a haystack but I will keep trying and I hope...
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    Naturalization questions

    Okay, I have posted this in several other topics and not been able to find the replies and not really gotten any replies. My situation is complex and let me explain. My mother is black and from the United States. My father, who I know to be my father from dna test and other things, from my...
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    Travel agency

    I have tried every search engine on the net and talked to alot of different friends and family members, but I can't believe that there is not a better travel agency than the ones that I have come up with. Let me also say, right now I am just in the pricing stage and would just like to get a...
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    Legal requirements

    So both of my kids are half Dominican. They were both born in the United States. what do I have to do to get them both citizenship in dominican republic? thanks take care and God bless:smoke:
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    "How to speak Dominican"

    Hi everyone! Does anyone take the so called, "How to speak Dominican" or they talk about how to be Dominican or act Dominican, stuff like that. Can I take these guys seriously or am I simply being taken for a ride? Especially when it comes to Dominican slang? I am really lost on this one. Thanks...
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    Gaining Dominican Citizenship?

    Okay, My mother is African American, and my Dad was Dominicano. My parents separated when I was about a year old and I never really knew my father, I just was told of his nationality and I hung out when I was growing up with Dominicans and latinos. When it came time for my own kids to be born...
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    Sad, but True:(

    I am Dominican and African American also. Unfortunately, My dad(Dominicano) and My Mom divorced. So I don't speak any spanish.:(:(:( I have been thinking about ordering rosetta stone for my sake and my kids which are also part Filipino, cause I want to visit my family in the Dominican Republic...
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    Puerto Plata reunion?

    Hi, My dad is from Puerto Plata, and I met some people from their in Los Angeles, so if you are also from Puerto Plata, holla at your boy, I would love to see who all is out there and where you are in the United States or if you are back in our home, lets get to know each other too, we may be...
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    Independence day!!!!

    Happy Independence Dominicanos, at home and around the world!!!! Another great year for Quisqenya and many many more I pray!!! take care and God bless everyone Quisqenya vilantes!!!! see you all later Biggs:paranoid::chinese::glasses::ninja:
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    Events in La Vega?

    I have been plaining a trip to La Vega, my only problem is I want to know what is going on and when the best time to go is? Maybe sometime later this year, hopefully? Thanks for all the help take care and God bless Biggs :chinese:;):surprised
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    Winter Schedule?

    I know its a long time off, and I know this is something that I should already know, but if you all will please excuse me, I want to plan my vacation for the right time and I would like for someone to post the winter or Dominican baseball schedule? I would like to visit during the regular or...