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    KDK fans with a light kit?

    I've installed several fans with the metal blades. The first one was showing rust on the leading edge of the blades after about a year. Since then, I used 2" wide, clear packing tape to cover the front edges of the blades on the other ones, and cleaned up the blades on the first one, repainted...
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    No foam or single-use plastics on Saona and Catalina islands

    Education has to start with the younger people. The saying of can't teach an old dog new tricks holds true. Cultural habits are passed down through the generations. In Nova Scotia, likely in other places too, there is a campaign called Idle Free For Me. Children in the lower grades at school...
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    Tire Disposal

    How/where are used tires disposed of? One got dumped in the gutter on our street, I assumed that since little else is recycled that tires also go in the garbage. I put it by our garbage barrel but the garbage truck hasn't taken it. I'm near Puerto Plata.
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    Wonder of the Seas docks in Puerto Plata

    The country sees great benefits from all the passengers that come. I read just a short time ago that, on average, each one spends about US$100 while ashore, per stop. There are docking fees that the ship pays, as well as local people employed at the terminal. Typically the ship doesn't take on...
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    Knife throwing competitions in the DR

    When travelling anywhere and staying at apartments with "fully stocked" kitchens, we bring our own chef's and paring knives. I also pack a sharpening stone to keep ours honed. Any that are provided are so dull that they are useless, won't even break the skin on a tomato.
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    Shipping Canada to DR

    I found Peralta Bros to be very unresponsive in communicating. Took several days to get a response, if at all. If I asked 2 questions, only one would be answered. I wanted to drop items off, they couldn't commit to a time that they'd be open. I didn't want to drive 45 mins to find them not...
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    Starlink Arrived in the DR

    I expect that the equipment has a GPS receiver in it, so will know where it is installed.
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    Changes to the E-Ticket

    I haven't done the e-ticket since Oct. Have they updated the way dates are entered when using a smart phone? When I got to the field asking for birth date, the only option is to scroll back by the month, which takes forever as I have to go back 800 months. On the computer there's the option of...
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    Abandoned Resorts, Hotels, and Villas

    Luperon Beach and Luperon Tropical resorts closed about 15 years ago. We stayed there in 2001, our first trip to the DR, got married there in 2005. We visit Luperon once a year on our anniversary. Sad to see the buildings slowly being reclaimed by nature. We now live in Costambar, there's a...
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    Dominican Ice Cream Brands

    I like the Bon vanilla. I buy the 1 gal tub about every 3 weeks.
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    Hotels & Resorts Limiting Dominicans Reservations

    A year ago we spent a week at a resort, due to covid, there were not may foreign visitors in the DR at that time. The resort was operating at reduced capacity, and the majority of guests were Dominican nationals. We were sitting outside their sports bar, enjoying the light jazz music the bar...
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    85-year old wins RD$149 million in the lottery

    About 30 years ago there was a guy in my area who won a multi-million $ lotto prize. His story was in all the news media for a week. A year later, a reporter who had cover the original story contacted him for a follow-up piece. To the reporter's surprize, he found the guy was flat broke. When...
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    Chances of find tzatziki sauce to purchase in Puerto Plata area?

    Do you make the meat for your gyros or is there a place to buy it?
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    McDonald's in Puerto Plata

    San Jorge Pizza and Bakery were recommended to us as the best pizza in the Puerto Plata area. We've tried most of their offerings including the lasagne and agree that it's the best pizza we've had here. They have a website with menu and capibility to order on line.
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    Current Taxi Rates from POP Airport

    Here is the latest posted rates at POP as of Oct 5th, 2021
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    Ministry of Public Health gets tough about vaccine requirements

    I expect that production of fake documents is already being ramped up.
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    Sloppy Concrete Work ork

    I grit my teeth every time my land lady gets someone to do work on the building. Seems the norm that the job either won't be complete or will require rework to make it right. Most recently she had some renovations done to convert a sitting room into a bedroom. Drywall and paint crews did...
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    Fire at the Iberostar in Puerto Plata

    Another news outlet is saying the theater was involved so perhaps it was the fire show. Can only imagine how quickly a tinder dry thatched roof would burn.
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    EWR to POP - Today July 10/21

    My guess is lack of bookings.
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    Puerto Plata restaurant recommendations

    We've been to Kaffe a few times. Historic building, quiet, good food.