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    i haven't been to the DR in a few years. what's the hotel situation like now ? i use to be a regular at terra linda. i have a few friends looking to take the plunge labor day weekend. thanks
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    High Carribean

    i wasn't around when the old high carribean was open years ago. can i get some history on this place ? where is the new carribean located ? same place ? i've been busy taking 300.00 round trip visits to Costa Rica for the past 3 years. ;)
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    any local photographers

    friends getting married june 2017. any local photogs can handle the job ?
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    Carribean Series Interest

    anyone interested in this series ? it appears the DR will win as usual. Tejeda seems to have found his stroke.:cry:
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    anyone been here ?

    <a href="" title="264795_546298092066834_1461632916_n by KyleBProductions, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="264795_546298092066834_1461632916_n"></a>
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    Topacio Azul updates

    any new updates on the hotel ?
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    Bar Las Flores for sale-7000 for everything

    for you business owners, would this be something a new guy would be interested in ?
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    Johnny Cueto-Cy Young ?

    this dominican pitcher has good stats on a winning team (Reds). opinions ??
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    JetBlue flying to AZS

    starting november, JetBlue will be flying from JFK to AZS. yesterday the price was 368.00 hopefully the other arilines will get onboard and AZS will open up to US flights. *fingers crossed*
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    AA new widebody plane starting in december 2012

    Boeing 777-300ER Widebody Aircraft | hopefully the DR will be on the schedule......
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    Vladi in bar brawl ??

    Vladimir Guerrero: MLB Star Reportedly in Police Custody After Alleged Bar Brawl | Bleacher Report
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    Dave Valle

    Baseball in the Dominican Republic spawns hope, and Dave Valle makes a difference with the poor - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
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    Sosua News website suspended

    tried to get onto their website and it said website suspended. any info on this ?
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    US Passport changes

    US boosts passport fees, sets value of citizenship By Matthew Lee Associated Press / February 2, 2012 WASHINGTON?U.S. citizenship is priceless to some, worthless to others. But now the State Department has a dollar figure: U.S. citizenship is worth $450. Contact elected officials Click to...
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    Fausto Carmona false identity !!

    Fausto Carmona of Cleveland Indians arrested, accused of using false identity - ESPN
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    Hotel Astoria-Boca Chica

    anyone ever stayed there ? it always looks so empty when i'm visiting El Candil.
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    AA airfares BWI-SDQ/STI

    i see airfares have dropped to under 500 bucks for SDQ (probably going to Juan Dolio/BC) and STI. i searched up until Memorial Day weekend. the only catch is you have to stay a week to get good fares. trying to decide between 386.00 for SDQ (6 nights) or 461.00 for STI (5 nights). of course POP...
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    Co-Joined Girls return home for Christmas

    Once-conjoined girls return to Dominican Republic |
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    is Albert Pujols worth 254 million ?

    1. he'll never play this contract out because he will be over 40. 2. can the Angels win a pennant with him ? 3. how in the heck do you spend 254 million ??
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    Fraud still rampant in the DR

    Fraud still rampant among Dominican baseball prospects - Americas -