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    When you are an idiot...

    I don’t think so....the commenter mentioned in the article protbably means: if I’m the owner of both trucks I fire both drivers. Not that she really is.
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    Best Burgers in Santo Domingo

    Mustard Chef Pepper
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    Ads, ads, ads....

    Little by little dr1 is being flooded by ads. I guess running a forum / portal like this costs money and probably the owners want to earn some as well, but a balance wouldn’t be bad. It doesn’t help readability when ads appear within the posts, same ads are repeated in the same post and...
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    I heard from my inlaws there have been cases of diphtheria in Santo Domingo? Anyone heard about that? 
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    All the ads...

    Is it just me or is the dr1 forum since today full of ads.  I always had a banner on top but now I have banners all over the page and even between a post and the like / thanks box. Makes it annoying to read (and I don’t need a ‘dakkapel’)
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    Left paradise

    My family and I finally did it, left DR last week and are in Europe right now. Apparently next week we will have -15 degrees Celsius....:surprised I didn't hate DR (all the time), we had 8 great years we are thankful for, but with 4 children decided Holland will probably suit us better.  DR...
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    iPad schools

    Years ago PICHARDO (where is he?!) claimed that DR would be implementing iPad based schooling if I recall well. Everybody laughed (including me). However though, yesterday I heard a friend of relative handled a deal worth 15,000,000 USD for this iPad project and another 60,000,000 deal coming...
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    Moving boxes to Europe

    Does anybody know a company that can handle moving boxes from DR to the Netherlands? I was planning on shipping a 20ft container but now considering sell everything’s and only bring the most necessary, maybe 5-10m3.  Not just the shipping but also the customs handling on both ends. I have done...
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    What’s this, payback? British sanky?
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    Why do Dominicans applaud after a plane lands safely?

    Nice article in Diario Libre on this:
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    (Dutch) volunteers wanted!

    For the past year and a bit I have been visiting Dutch prisoners in the Dominican penitiary system. It's a volunteer 'job' to make sure the Dutch resocialisation / reintegration board knows what is going on with Dutch nationals in the Dominican carcels and is aware how they could be / need to be...
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    No stretcher available...
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    Ryanair to fly to DR from Madrid

    According to Ryanair's website the partnership they announced with Air Europa will mean they'll be flying to Latin America, including DR. Hopefully this helps to lower the ridiculous...
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    HBO Real Sports on Dominican traffic

    This episode was on HBO last night , only the trailer here:
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    E'pa 'tras que vamo'

    When I came to DR for the first time (17 years ago), Santo Domingo was a mess, best mall in the city was Diamond Mall or Unicentro, and government institutions were inefficient houses of horror where you would spend hours just to get a simple paper or deposit a document. (But at least you could...
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    On our way out...

    After 7 years and many doubts , renewed efforts, again doubts, we put our house for sale a few months ago. Today we reached an agreement and if all proceeds as planned in a few months we'll be moving back to Europe. I must say it hurts more than I thought now it's more definite. I can't say I...
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    Fixing their Christmas dinner?
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    Hummus Pricesmart

    Just in case someone buys this product.
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    Memoires of an international assassin

    Started watching Memoires of an international assassin yesterday on Netflix. Couldn't go further than about half an hour for how bad it is, BUT, for those wanting to check it out: parts of the movie are supposed to be in Venezuela but filmed in Santo Domingo. Kevin James standing on the balcony...