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    Ladrones alive and well in POP airport

    So after a 2 year hiatus, I flew out of POP airport last Friday...and not shocked to see some things don't change, they only get worse. I have had several incidents when going through security with items that "they" don't allow...items that one can bring along in their carry-on EVERWHERE else in...
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    One way travel to DR from the US

    Does anyone have any recent first-hand experience on one way travel to the DR? The flight will originate in the US but the fact that the passport I will be using for this trip is Canadian has no bearing may not board a DR bound flight without proof of a return. This is strange as I am...
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    Happy Birthday Whirleybird

    Best wishes for a wonderful birthday to a great lady and friend. Wishing you many more!
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    Anyone else tired of the thievery in POP airport?

    So lets face it, Christmas is around the corner so the "security thieves" in POP airport have surfaced again. In my experience, it only happens at this time of year. When I passed through the security checkpoint, they asked to check my carry problem. They set aside my umbrella (which I...
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    The "Travel insurance" scam

    Not surprising, a recent experience of mine just highlighted for me the extent to which insurance companies get ripped off...thought I would share. I have a chronic neck problem which flares up from time to time. When this does, the pain and spasm can only be relieved by the intravenous...
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    YYZ-POP...anyone interested for $CDN5 roundtrip + taxes

    A colleague of mine just found this online - Guaranteed Lowest Price!
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    Hotel Alisei vs Hotel Lomita Maravilla

    Can anyone advise me on the pro's or con's of these 2 places. I am also curious to know their proximity to the town of Las Terrenas and how accesible it is to reach at night. Also, any good restaurants to recommend in the area?
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    Bus service on weekends

    Does anybody know for sure if the express buses between Puerto Plata-Santo Domingo and then Santo Domingo -Bavaro operate the same hours on weekends as weekdays?
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    Royal Residencial vs El Magnifico, Cabarete

    I have researched both these properties and was wondering if anyone has stayed at either of the above-mentioned places, and if so, the reasons they liked/disliked them. Also, how do they compare location-wise if one wishes to be centrally located and within walking distance to amenities? Any...
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    Samana to Bavaro anyone?

    Can anyone suggest the quickest route possible to get from Samana to Bavaro? ...if such a route exists....maybe through El Seibo? And the estimated travel time please! Thanks!
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    Song Lyrics?

    Does anyone have the lyrics to a great bachata song, "La Bandida" by Quiko Rodriguez (unsure of spelling???). Please PM me or post it.
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    Is there a good reason you want to have it done in DR? I would advise against it for sanitary/safety reasons and the possiblity of equipment being re-used (this could happen anywhere if you didnt know the reputation of the place!). You wouldnt want any possible "complications" ruining your trip!
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    music/group search?

    Has anyone heard of a group (bacahata) "Los Herederos"? Just got back and heard a song of theirs played repeatedly on buses and in discotecas. Have tried several Latin music stores in TO, nobody has heard of them, anyone heard of them?
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    Santo Domingo to Bavaro

    Can anyone advise me where the closest point is to get a public bus outside Las Americas airport (hopefully an express bus but any will do!!) going to Bavaro? I will fly in around 3:00pm on Mon Feb21....I am looking for an inexpensive way so a taxi is out of the question! Please help!!!!!!