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    Who is going to rent all these apartments in Las Terrenas?

    I've asked this question for years and was convinced that all the building is unsustainable. But the building as continued apace. The other question is whether the infastructure is in place to sustain all the building and increase in population?
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    Get your pre-paid toll road or prepare for long lines at tolls

    How does this work with rentals?
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    to re enter usa from the dr ?

    Is it possible to get a Covid 19 test in Las Terranas in a day?
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    Pueblo Pescadores burned down again in Las Terrenas

    So, does LT have it's own fire equipment, or is Sanchez the only recourse in the event of fire?
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    Boca Chica?

    It will be interesting to hear what BC is like after Covid 19. You've got a first row seat to the 'new normal'. It's especially good that you relocated there after the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks for posting.
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    Taxi Service in Las Galeras

    Is there taxi service in Las Galeras?
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    Transport Las Terranas - Las Galeras

    Does anyone know of a public bus/gua gua that goes from Las Terranas to Las Galeras?
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    SD Carnivale 2019

    When will Carnivale be celebrated in Santo Domingo this year?
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    Samana to Las Terranas

    I would like to go from Samana to LT next month and I don't want to spend the money on a taxi. Is there a way to travel via guagua or Caribe Tours?
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    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Permit me this opportunity to express my wish for all of you to have a very happy and prosperous new year, and to thank you for all of the wonderful information you have shared throughout the year!
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    Getting to Las Galeras

    I am heading to Las Galeras in January and would like to know the best way to get there. I'll be leaving from Santo Domingo so I guess that a bus to Samana is the best way to start, but what then? Thanks!
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    United Nations Admits role in Cholera
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    Does anyone have information about the Zika virus in the DR?
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    Bahia de las Aguilas

    This appears in the DR1 News: Presidency announces plan for Bahia de las Aguilas. Does anyone think it will make a real difference?
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    Fitch Report

    After what appears to be the continuing turmoil in Las Terranas and Chikungunya, this Fitch Report[reported in the DR1 News] looks like really good news for a change!
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    Medina reigns in ministers perks?!

    Wow! Medina puts damper on spending President Danilo Medina surprised his ministers and officials yesterday, Thursday 15 May, by issuing a memo that prohibits high-ranking officials from purchasing vehicles, remodeling their offices and purchasing equipment. The memo, which was signed by the...
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    Playa Rinco

    I'm planning a trip to Las Galeras and am hoping that you can help me find the best way to Playa Rincon and if there is somewhere to eat when I get there? Thanks!
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    Samana to Las Terranas

    Can someone suggest an inexpensive way of traveling from Samana to LT?
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    Passport Question

    So, I've traveled so much from the US to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica that I have no more of the regular pages in my unexpired passport to stamp (there are, however, a few more pages for 'Endorsements and Amendments'). Is this going to cause me a problem getting into and leaving SDQ...
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    Case against Fernandez and Funglode processed

    So what's the scoop on this case against Leonel and his foundation that's reported in the DR1 News? And who is this prosecutor?