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    Uber from STI

    Those were some great times. Are you back in Santiago again?
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    Uber from STI

    That's an incredible rate! Do you have his contact info?
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    Uber from STI

    I've had similar experiences with Uber in Puerto Plata. Uber would quote a ridiculously low rate (less than 20% of the taxi rate). The driver would then call me and say he couldn't do it for that price. We would than settle for a rate that was much less than the taxi rate. I would ask for...
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    Uber from STI

    Yes, it's been a very long time. I hope all is well with you and your family. I'll look into EMI. Thanks!
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    Uber from STI

    Has anyone had a recent experience using an Uber from the airport in Santiago?
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    Where to Feg a COVID Test in Puerto Plata on Sunday?

    Thanks! I've changed my plans to stay an extra day to avoid complications.
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    Where to Feg a COVID Test in Puerto Plata on Sunday?

    Are you 100% positive that they do tests at the airport for people fly out? I know on my last trip, they were randomly testing on the way in. But I heard that they don't do that anymore.
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    Where to Feg a COVID Test in Puerto Plata on Sunday?

    Thanks. I was hoping to find a place west of POP.
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    Where to Feg a COVID Test in Puerto Plata on Sunday?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I tried them last time I was there. It was a Sunday and they were "closed" for tesing, but after telling them I had a flight same day they were able to do the test. The process took over 3 hours. I was hoping to find another option.
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    Where to Feg a COVID Test in Puerto Plata on Sunday?

    Travel to the US now requires a negative COVID test within one day of travel. I will be traveling on a Monday, which means I need to get a test on Sunday. Does anyone know of a place in Puerto Plata (or west of the city) where I can get a test on Sunday?
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    Hotel in Constanza?

    I'm planning a trip to Constanza. Does anyone have hotel suggestions?
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    Hotel in Luperon?

    Does anyone know of any hotels in Luperon?
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    Caribbean Cigar Night

    Does anyone know the date for The 2016 Caribbean Cigar Night in Puerto Plata?
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    NYC DR1 Gathering

    Year ago we used to have a get together of DR1'ers in NYC (occasionally in New Jersey). I would like to put out a feeler to see if anyone is interested in getting together. I haven't been here for a few years, so I don't know who is still around or if there are any new members that live in...
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    Dominican Birth Certificate

    In order for my daughter to renew her Dominican passport, the NY consulate says that she needs a post-2004 birth certificate (my daughter was born prior to 2004). Does anyone know the process to get the birth certificate? Are the records centralized? Both my daughter and her mother live in...
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    The White Hotel

    Does anyone know if "The White Hotel" in Rio San Juan is still opened? Do they have a website (I couldn't find one)? Does anyone know their telephone number?
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    Best Italian and best French/Continental restaurants

    I am heading to the Capital next month and I would like to try some of the better restaurants in town. Specifically I would am interested in Italian and/or French food. I am more interested in the quality and the selection of food, then in ambiance and service. Ambiance and service are also...
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    Fire in Boca Chica

    Someone sent me photos from a fire in Boca Chica. I think it was at a place that used to ba called "Bar Austria". Does anyone have any information on the fire?
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    Dim Sum

    Do any of the Chinese restaurants in the DR serve Dim Sum?
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    Speeding Ticket

    A friend of mine got a speeding ticket on the highway that takes you from Nagua to Boca Chica. He says that there are not instructions on how or where to pay the ticket. Others have told him to ignore the ticket. I don't think that is good advice. He is a Dominican resident. Any ideas on...